Aurora World Fancy Pals Plush Pets Purse & Pet Carriers

Plush Animals in a PurseFancy Pals are The Perfect Gift for Little Girls

All children love to have furry pet pals, but not all homes or schedules allow real pets.  The Aurora World Fancy Pals Pets are perfect pets for little girls.  They can even carry their pretty pets with them wherever they go in the purse that comes with each pet.  We all know how much little girls like to carry purses!

Fancy Pals are made for children 3 years and up.  They are approximately 8″ (beanie baby size) and easily fit inside their coordinating purse.  The pet carriers (purse) have soft handles, therefore if a child should fall while carrying her Fancy Pal, she will not be harmed by the purse construction materials.  Each bag also has a secure closure to keep their pet safely tucked inside.

The best part, they are less than $15 each!


The Fancy Pal Kitty

 Aurora World Fancy Pals Plush Princess Kitten Purse Pet CarrierCheck PriceKittens are always a popular choice.  Little girls seem to naturally be drawn to a fluffy kitty, but playing with a live cat is not always a good idea.  They have claws and will defend themselves against hands that might hold a bit too tight.  Giving a little girl a soft plush kitten is, in most cases, a better idea than gifting them with a live kitten.

Plus, the Fancy Pal kitten will travel easily with your child.  She can carry it around in the coordinating purse when she is going out for the day.  Let’s face it, we can’t take live kitties with us wherever we go.

As you can see below, the purses can be highly decorative and extremely cute all by themselves.  It is possible a little girl will opt to carry her other play pretties in her purse when her Fancy Pal kitty needs a rest.

 Peek-A-Boo Princess KittyCheck Price  Sweets Cupcake & Kitty PlushCheck Price  Orange Tabby Kitten PlushCheck Price


The Fancy Pal Puppy

 Aurora World Fancy Pals Pet Carrier, Peek-A-Boo Princess PuppyCheck PriceJust like the kitty Fancy Pals, the puppies are available in a variety of breeds. Their coordinating carriers may look like a doughnut or even a real pet carrier, but they are all adorable.

On many of the Fancy Pals, the secure closure is a permanently tied ribbon, like you see with the puppy’s purse on the right.  The pal slips into the purse from the side instead of the top.  Because the bow is permanent,  children don’t need to know how to tie a bow.  It will always be perfectly pretty.  Having to tie a bow can be very frustrating for a child who is particular about looks.

The soft plush puppies, or any of the Fancy Pals, can be played with or carried separately from their carriers.  Or, the tote can be used separately as well.

 Aurora World Fancy Pals Pet Carrier Yummy Donut & Puppy PlushCheck Price Aurora World Fancy Pals Plush Chihuahua Purse Pet CarrierCheck Price Aurora World Precious Moments Fancy Pal Purse I Believe In You PlushCheck Price


Other Fancy Pals Animals

There is a huge variety of animals that children adore in addition to kitties and puppies.  They are not limited to only on Fancy Pal Pet.  Since parents don’t have to feed or clean up after these pets, a child could have a whole collection of pets. Ponies, giraffes, unicorns and even a pretty little fox are all available with their coordinating pet carriers.

 Aurora World Unicorn Carrier Plush, RainbowCheck Price Aurora World Fancy Pals Pretty Pony Pet CarrierCheck Price Blingy Giraffe Fancy Pals Pet Carrier by AURORACheck Price Aurora World Fancy Pals Peek-A-Boo Fox Pet CarrierCheck Price