The Best Lego Monster Fighters Sets

LEGO Monster Fighters are Totally Awesome!

Lego Monster SetsMy son’s favorite legos are the Ghosts, Vampires, Zombies, Swamp Monsters which have all been “captured” in these awesome LEGO Monster Fighters Sets!

Trains, Planes and Automobiles are all included in the cool LEGO Monster Fighters Sets.  There is even a Haunted House and glow in the dark pieces!

LEGO Sets have always been pure awesomeness, but these LEGO Monster Fighters sets exceed that standard.  They provide the opportunity for hours of fun where imagination and creativity are encouraged.


If you have a monster enthusiast in your home, they will most definitely want all of these Lego sets.


Lego Monster Fighter Sets are Awesome!

Lego Monster Fighter Set

LEGO Monster Fighters ~ The Ghost Train

Time for great adventures and delicate undertakings as you join Frank Rock and Ann Lee intercept the Ghost Train and grab the moonstone!

Ghosts are always fun to chase, but capturing them with the vacuum weapon is a whole new level of fun and “ghost-busting.”  Fly high above the Ghost Train in your acrobatic airplane and wait for that perfect moment to capture the ghosts and retrieve the highly prized moonstone.

 LEGO Monster Fighters 9467 The Ghost TrainCheck Price


Lego set includes:

  • 5 Minifigures:  Frank Rock, Ann Lee and 3 ghosts
  • Ghost Train
  • Airplane
  • Ghost Train features jail cell, detachable carriages and lots of glow-in-the-dark elements
  • Hero airplane features vacuum weapon, flick missiles and spinning propeller



The Haunted House is an Absolute Must for the Lego Monster Fighter Enthusiast!

Lego Haunted House – The Ultimate in Lego Monster Fighters Sets

Lego Haunted House Set

Monsters are everywhere in this awesome Lego Haunted House!  This fabulously eerie haunted house is home to several monsters and ghosts!  This Lego Haunted House is one of my son’s favorite Lego sets ever! It sets on his dresser in his bedroom year round.
 LEGO Monster Fighters Haunted House 10228Check Pric

Beware!  There is a monster in each room and around every corner you turn!

Set Includes:

  • 3 Story Haunted House with Detailed Interior
  • 2 glow-in-the-dark ghosts
  • Vampyre
  • Vampyre’s Bride
  • Zombie Chef
  • The Butler




The Lego Vampire Castle

Vampire Castle is Among the Highest Rated LEGO Monster Fighters

Join Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer as they invade the Vampire Castle to battle the Vampire, his bride and the man-bats for world dominance! Beware of the hidden traps, spikes, spiders and the moonstone device. Of course, you may choose to stay with the car to control the net launcher!

This LEGO Monster Fighters set features the Vampire’s Castle with the moonstone device, shooting spiders, hidden spikes, trapdoor, stairs, secret entrances, coffin, organ and dungeon and includes 6 minifigures, the Hero car with a net launcher and 4 weapons.

Measures approximately:

18″ high, 11″ wide and 10″ deep

 LEGO Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle 9468 (Discontinued by manufacturer)Check Price


LEGO Monster Fighters Vampire Hearse

Sold Separately

Not Included in LEGO Monster Fighters Vampire Castle Set

 LEGO Monster Fighters 9464 The Vampyre HearseCheck Price

Can Dr. Rodney Rathbone jump on his motorcycle and catch Lord Vampyre and his servant zombie as they speed away with the moonstone in the hearse?

You decide whether to warn Dr. Rathbone about the possible surprise coffin catapult attack.

The LEGO Monster Fighters Vampire Hearse set includes Hearse, coffin, motorcycle, moonstone, 4 weapons and 3 minifigures: Dr. Rodney Rathbone, Lord Vampyre (the vampire) and the zombie hearse driver.

Hearse Measures approx.

4″ high, 3″ wide and 7″ long

Motorcycle approx 2″ long


LEGO Monster Fighters Crazy Scientist & His Monster

Upon discovery of the Crazy Scientist’s laboratory, Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Major Quinton Steele must battle the Crazy Scientist and the Monster he has brought to life.

Will the moonstone forever be out of the reach of the heroes?  Will the heroes be locked in a cell in the laboratory by the Crazy Scientist?  You decide!

Lego Crazy Scientist

The Lego Monster Fighters Crazy Scientist’s laboratory features:
 LEGO Monster Fighters The Crazy Scientist & His Monster #9466Check Price

  • Resurrection table with LEGO light brick A
  • catapult on the roof
  • Prison
  • Hero car which features a sliding seat and 3 flick missiles

Minifigures included in Set:

  • Rodney Rathbone
  • Quinton Steele
  • the Crazy Scientist
  • His monster

Accessories include moonstone and 3 weapons


Lego Monster Fighters Zombies Set

Zombies wake from the dead, raise for the graveyard to lay claim to the sought after moonstone. Jack McHammer is the only human that can save the moonstone from becoming the treasure of the undead.

This fabulous crypt is home to the 2 coffins of the Zombie Bride and Zombie Groom.

The vehicle belongs to Jack McHammer and features a giant hammer to use during his battle with the zombies.

Includes 4 Minifigures: Jack McHammer, Zombie Bride, Zombie Groom & Zombie Driver

 Lego Monster Fighters: the Zombies 9465Check Price


Lego Monster Fighters Werewolf

Battle with the Werewolf has just begun!

The Werewolf has the advantage with his treetop ambush.  The Werewolf baits Major Quinton Steele by leaving the moonstone under the tree while he lays in wait.  But, Major Steele is knowledgeable about the ways of a werewolf and he keenly watches for the “glow in the dark” claws of the werewolf which is a dead giveaway of his hiding place.

 LEGO Monster Fighters 9463 The WerewolfCheck Price



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Lego Monster Fighters Sets

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  1. susan says:

    Oh, I love, love, love Legos! These monster fighter sets are great. I have to add that haunted house to my collection. Just too cool.

  2. Wow! I knew Legos had sets in a great many themes, but I was not familiar with these Monster Fighter Sets. How ‘frightfully’ fun. The ‘glow-in-the-dark’ pieces would really add to the spooky fun of these sets filled with vampires, zombies and haunted houses!

  3. My son used to love Legos of any kind. Lego sets were always first on his Christmas list.

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