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Castlevania action figuresCastlevania Action Figures Collectibles

All Castlevania fans are sure to want these awesome Castlevania Action Figures!  I have honestly been amazed by the high quality and outstanding detail of these action figures.  Plus, the great low price insures us that we can have them all if we so desire.

A true die-hard Castlevania fan will most likely want them all, including one of each of the Dracula action figures.  However, some of us may only want to purchase our favorite character.

You could decorate with these figures, collect them, play with them or all of the above.

Each Action Figure comes with cool accessories and tools.  The Castlevania NECA Series 1 Action Figure Dracula comes with a righteous bat and a floating eyeball!

The Vampire hunters come with neat weapons and tools such as whips, swords and daggers.  Each action figure is flexible which allows them to be displayed in multiple poses.


Most Popular Castlevania NECA Series 1 Action Figures
Select the Figure Set or Individual Action Figure

The true game fan will most likely want the entire collection. It is really pretty cool that you can get them all together in one set.

  • Featuring Dracula, Alucard, Simon & Succubus
  • Castlevania Fan Collectibles
  • Action Figures have Multiple Points of Articulation
  • From NECA

 Castlevania 4 Action Figures SetCheck Price

Sold Separately

We all have our favorite character.  Sometimes, we just want the one or perhaps we need to replace one.

Therefore, it is pretty awesome that they are also sold separately.

 NECA Series 1 Action Figure AlucardCheck Price Dracula Closed Mouth Action FigureCheck Price NECA Series 1 Action Figure SuccubusCheck Price NECA Series 1 Action Figure Simon BelmontCheck Price


Castlevania Dracula Action Figure

Available: Open Mouth Dracula or Closed Mouth Dracula

The closed mouth  Dracula is featured above, but the opened mouth action figure is also available.
Of course, most of us will want to have both.

 NECA Dracula (Mouth Open)Check Price


Castlevania Simon Action Figure

Invisible Simon is Also Available!

He comes with an Interchangeable Hand.

A Whip, a Cross, a Candle and a Water Jug are additional included accessories.

 Simon Belmont VariantCheck Price

Dress as a Castlevania Character Action Figure

Castlevania Vampire Dracula Costume
Costume selections include:

Castlevania Dracula Costume, Richter Belmont Costume,  Jonathan Morris Costume, or  Charlotte Aulin Costume

You can check out all of the Castlevania Halloween Costumes by clicking Here!


The Games that Started it All!

These are just a few of the Castlevania games that are available today. As you can see, they are are offered on a variety of platforms.  Choose your system and start playing today!

 Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowCheck Price Castlevania Lords of Shadow CollectionCheck Price Double Pack: Aria of Sorrow / Harmony of DissonanceCheck Price

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