Toddlers Step2 Easel for Painting & Drawing – Includes Magnetic Letters & Numbers

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Children's Easel for Drawing & PaintingAll children love to draw and paint, therefore the Step2 Easel is the perfect toy for every play area or game room.

Kids are going to draw!  I’ve known some who will draw on bedroom walls or color floors or tables simply because they need to express themselves.  It really is best to be prepared by setting up an easel for them.  Let them draw with chalk on the on the chalkboard.  Or, cover the chalkboard with paper and let them draw or paint a picture you can keep.  Our son used to draw on any scrap of paper that was placed in front of him.  I have a fabulous collection of his childhood drawings that I treasure.  You will definitely want to be able to keep some of your child’s drawings or paintings.  But when they are just playing, an erasable, reusable chalkboard is awesome.

Because there are two sides, 2 children (and sometimes more) can easily play together without getting in each other’s way.


The Step2 Easel

Step2 Easel for ToddlersLike I mentioned above, the Step2 Easel has one side that is the chalkboard.  The other side is a magnetic board for the included letters and numbers.  This is a fabulous way for kids to learn their ABC’s without the stress and pressure of a formal setting.  With a little help from parents or older siblings, by the time they are old enough for school, they will already be prepared.  At the very least, they will be familiar with letters and numbers.

Both sides feature a large clip to hold paper so they can paint or draw.  Each side has a deep tray for holding markers, chalk, eraser or paints.  However, no supplies are included with the easel.  Therefore, they will need to be purchased separately.  That can actually be a positive, especially if you don’t want them playing with paints.  Once a child has seen them, they want them.  If you buy only the supplies you will allow the to use, they will be happy and never know they are missing anything.

When it is time to put the easel away, it folds flat with the trays folded up too.  Of course, that means you will need to store the supplies separately.  If you have the room, you may find it is easiest to simply leave everything up and ready for use.

This easel is not recommended for children under 3.

It is available in red or pink.


Easels and Supplies

 Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/NumbersCheck Price Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/NumbersCheck Price Crayola Non-Toxic White Chalk(12 ct box)and Colored Chalk(12 ct box) BundleCheck Price Melissa & Doug Drawing Paper Pad (9 x 12 inches) – 50 Sheets, 3-PackCheck Price Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint (6 count)Check Price Crayola Ultra Clean Washable 64 Count CrayonsCheck Price Melissa & Doug Felt Chalk Eraser (1 x 5 inches)Check Price

Step2 Easels for Children




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