Cute Kids Indoor Play Tents

Cute Kids Indoor Play TentsKids Will Have a Lot of Fun and Imagination Time With a Play Tent

Give kids an indoor play tent so they will have a place to play no matter what time of day or what the weather is like outside. Let them have a space where they feel out of sight while they are still actually close by so you can keep an eye on them. Join them in the tent for imaginary camp outs, time for stories, escape from the everyday routine. Take them snacks, some art activities, a book, or any number of fun games and toys to bring along into the kids indoor play tent.

Imagination is sparked when you give children a space and an idea to get them started. There are few if any children who wouldn’t enjoy spending time in a play tent indoors or out. The best part about indoor play tents is they can become a common area for play time or even nap time. Giving children a space to play, rest, dream, sing, tell each other stories, or create their own imaginary adventures together.

Most of the tents featured could be set up outdoors as well. Just be sure to check the individual specifications if you wish to use it outside.


Princess Castle Play Tents for Girls

Pink Princess Castle Kids Play Tent Children Playhouse with 23 Feet and 50 Led Star Lights-Indoor and Outdoor UseCheck Price

Indoor play tents for girls gives your child a fantasy space where she can imagine she is a princess in a castle or she is preparing for a royal tea party with her friends. The imagination can take her away to a place where she can explore her dreams, feelings, relationship with her world. She can learn about other cultures and all the while she is in her own home safe where you can interact with her.

Join the kids for a castle event, tell stories, imagine all the ways you can use the indoor play tent as a tool for social skills as well as some history lessons. Kids indoor play tents offer an outdoor feeling inside. Great for times when going outside wouldn’t be as fun or when there would not be supervised outside. Another great part about the indoor play tent is you can set it up just about anywhere (even if a crowded room). When the child enters she has entered into a whole new world she can create as she goes.


Tent & Tunnel Combo

4pc Pop Up Children Play Tent w/ 2 Crawl Tunnel & 2 Tents – for Girls & Boys for Indoor & Outdoor Use – Excellent Value Children Playhouse for Boys w/ Zipper Storage CaseCheck Price

There are many reasons a kids indoor play tent can add wonderful dimension to playtime or nap time… but don’t stop there! Add another element of fun with a tunnel to the tent. This is the kind of entrance which will add an extra boundary (more privacy) while also added an exercise element to play time. Especially important on rainy days when the children can not go outside to play. The tunnel gives each child a way to use some of the energy they would have used out on the playground.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy TunnelCheck Pric

Play Tunnels

Tunnels also add a great space for approaching and leaving the tent which will add more imagination opportunities. Elements of an internal story can evolve as your child explores the tunnel, the tent (or caves). Whatever they may imagine they will encounter there. They may be entering into a honey comb, or looking for a dragon, entering the mountain to find out where the waterfall begins.

The possibilities are vast and you can add some ideas along the way to spark your child’s natural ability to discover the power of his imagination.

Tunnels are so much fun you can even play in one without the tent.


Rocket Space Tent

Rocket Ship Play Tent – Spaceship Playhouse with Bonus Space Torch Projector ToyCheck Price

An indoor play tent for kids is a great way to get the kids together for a coloring session or to create some little books to read to each other later. Ask them to color a picture and then write or tell a story about it. The more imaginative they are, the more fun they will have in this activity.

Themed kids indoor play tents set the stage for children when they have big adventure dreams. For example: The space rocket play tent will encourage children to embark on exploration of their world as well as space.


Haba Play Tent Caro-Lini

HABA Play Tent Caro-LiniCheck Price

Suggested for ages 1 – 10 years old

Imagine a vast desert and somewhere along the journey you come upon a colorful and enchanted play tent where you can enter, refresh, talk of your journey together, and take some time to enjoy a bit of shade. A mirage can actually be real. A refreshing and cool tent can be shelter from a hot summer in the desert (or in the city).

Dress Up and Pretend Playtime – Add some dress up cloths to expand on the role-playing ideas. Watch a movie together. As you combine different ways to enjoy a play tent you will discover everyone should have one (or even two) so there will always be something fun and entertaining to do.


More Fabulous Kid’s Tents

Thomas the Tank Engine is extremely popular! I have also included a tent that is made to fit a twin bed. Most likely you would want to take either of those tents outside, but they would be a lot of fun indoors.

Playhut Thomas the Train Play VehicleCheck Price Discovery Kids Turquoise Adventure Teepee Check Price Playhut Frozen Bed TentCheck Price


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Indoor Play Tents for Kids

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