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Easy to Fly KitesKites for Kids

Flying a kite with kids is lots of fun!  They get so excited watching the kite sail on the wind.  But, it is even more fun when they can fly the kite themselves.  These kites are not only pretty, but they are designed for kids.

Whether you are in a park or on the beach, a kite can be a wonderful pastime and a great way to exercise without realizing you are exercising.  Friends and family will also enjoy watching the kite fly in the sky.

When we go to the beach, there are times when the ocean is rough and the kids simply need to stay out of the water.  Then it is time to go fly a kite!


Kites for Kids – Huge Rainbow Kite

A parent or adult will need to set up the kite, but after the initial construction, hand this kite over to your child and let them fly it.  It is created with children in mind.  It has a sturdy frame as well as a very pretty fabric design.  This rainbow kite is easy to launch and very easy to fly.  The best part is that the kite will actually rise easily and stay up in the air.  Unlike other kites, this one will not leave you and your child disappointed.

Comes with the sting, spool and reusable plastic cover sleeve for storage.

 Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids – One Of The Best Selling Toys For Outdoor Games and Activities – Good Plan For Memorable Summer Fun – This Magic Kit Comes w/ 100% SatisfactionCheck Price


Giant Delta Ring iKite

This is another really pretty kite that is easy for children to launch, fly and control.  It can be flown with or without the tail, which is just for added decoration.   The fiberglass frame and durable polyester fabric make it light enough to soar.

Comes with flying line, handle and a carrying case.  Parents, you might want to buy two of these kites because you will be tempted to take it away from your child to fly yourself.

 Giant delta Ring iKite Delta Shape Premium Large Kite (Red) 6FT WideCheck Price

Cool Kites

Some kites are fantastic because of their cool looks.  These two kites may require a little more help from parents, but they are pretty cool and kids love them.  If you don’t mind being needed, or if your child doesn’t mind accepting your help, these would be really cool kites for the beach.

 Kite Batman for Kids and Adults – Large Size Cute Design Perfect for Outdoor Activities – Easy to Assemble Launch & Fly – Best Quality Built To Last – by Nicely HomeCheck Price In the Breeze 3D Shark Kite, 4-FeetCheck Price

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  1. What a great kite selection. I’ve seen families enjoying flying kites at the beach and in the local park. These would make great gifts for spring and summer birthdays.

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