Remote Control Speed Racing Boats

RC Speed BoatsKids love remote-controlled vehicles and boats rate at the top of the list.  Actually, the child in all of us never truly grows old and adults love them too.

A remote control speed boat seems to keep us forever young and provides a great relaxation activity.  Check out different models – from mini to 28 and 40-inch cruiser, speedboat, water bike or yacht type. Children will love them and you can relive your childhood days with your own children.  Buy two and race them.  Plus, try to best each other with colorful and really fast remote control race boats.  You can do that by grabbing stickers and other accessories available at online stores.

Play and live a stress-free life like a carefree kid, even if it is for just a little while!

There are several RC speed boats featured in this article, including the Venom boat shown on the left.


One of The Best Remote Control Speed Racing Boats

 NC Brand New 12 Inches Beautiful Looking 4 Channels RC Speed Boat *Colors VaryCheck Price

Great Size to Play With in a Swimming Pool

This boat has a safety sensor and will only run when placed in water.

This 12″ Beautiful RC Speed Boat is powered by a high performance engine to achieve the fast speed.  Fully functional radio controlled system provides smooth and responsive handling of the boat.  This boat can go forward, turn left, turn right and reverse.

The boat comes with all the items necessary to get started and to play immediately.

Dimensions: Approx. 12″ X 4.5″ X 3.5″


Dual Motor Remote Control Speed Racing Boat

 Remote Control Speed Racing BoatCheck Price

This 29″ Dual Motors Remote Radio Controlled RC Speed Boat is powered by high performance dual engine. Fully functional radio control system provides smooth and responsive handling of the boat. It comes with all the items necessary to get started and to play immediately.


  • Powerful high-speed twin motors
  • Speed: 20-30 mph
  • Range up to 300 feet
  • Suitable for children age 6+

Comes with one extra set of propellers

 12″RC Mosquito Racing Boat (Color may Vary)Check Price

Replica Racing Boat as RC Speed Boat

This RC speed boat is a scale replica of an actual Mosquito racing boat.

It has a 2 function remote controller (forward, left/right). There is no reverse on this particular boat.

This racing boat has a dual propeller and comes with everything you need for fun and play.

Speed is approx. 6.5 mph;  range is about 120′.


Top Rated Remote Control Speed Boats with High Recommendations

The customer reviews on these remote control boats have been excellent! The functions include forward, left, right and reverse. The propellers are great for ponds, lakes and rivers (fresh water only). The boats boast of high speeds and that appears to be validated by the customer reviews.

 UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat for Pools, Lakes and Outdoor Adventure – 2.4GHz High Speed Electric RC – includes BONUS BATTERY Doubles Racing Time – Exclusive Red ColorCheck Price

Additional Recommendation
I highly recommend buying a back-up battery for any of these remote control speed boats at the time of your initial purchase. Most of these boats will run for less than 30 minutes on a charged battery. Since it takes several hours to recharge a battery, having a second charged battery on-hand allows you to play for a longer period of time. This is especially desired when a toy is new.
RC Speed Boats



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