Exercise Toys for Children Can Be Fun Too

Exercise Toys for ChildrenEncourage Fitness with Active Toys for Girls and Boys.

Get them moving with some fun exercise toys.  It’s easy to get kids to exercise without them knowing it! Get them moving with some of these fun exercise toys. You will find indoor, outdoor, inexpensive, as well as elaborate options available. Let’s face it, kids are naturally full of energy so let them enjoy burning off that energy and staying healthy.  Make sure you provide them with plenty of exercise and physical activity opportunities.

Some really awesome exercise toys are indoor and outdoor bounce houses, trampolines, bouncers, hula hoops and a whole host of other toys that get kids active,  involved and exercising.  This also gets them away from TV, video games and computer screens for a while.  Some of these exercise ideas are really simple, and ALL of them are worth their weight in gold for healthy, fit and happy kids.


Best Rated Outdoor and Indoor Bounce Houses

If you have enough space, a top selling bounce house is a must for the summer months.  The Blast Zone Rock Crawler (pictured below) measures 14 x 11 x 17 when inflated and will roll up to the size of a sleeping bag when deflated, so it is easy to store.  Up to 5 kids can crawl and slide and bounce and generally have a great time.

You can buy some great bounce houses now that are relatively inexpensive.  Stick to the ones that get good customer ratings like these ones for sale here.  Many don’t take up that much room but you can also get ones specifically designed for indoor use in a playroom or garage.



 Toysmith Skip BallCheck Price

Skip Ball ~ Fun Exercise for Kids

Many of us remember skip balls from our own childhood days. It is a pretty neat form of entertainment and exercise that we can either do alone, or swap turns with another child in a bit of competitive fun play.

Skip balls prove that exercise doesn’t have to be complicated, especially with kids. Sometimes all you need is a simple idea like these skip balls. This one attaches around the ankle, and the child rotates the ball at the end of the rope.

Takes a bit of practice and helps in coordination as well as giving them great exercise.

For kids over 5 years old


Hula Hoop

 28 Inch LED Lighted Twist Hula Cosmic Glow Hoola Hoop (assorted, 1)Check Price

How About a Hula Hoop that Glows

Hula hoops are another exercise toy that were very popular when many of use were young. They are making a resurgence in popularity again, especially among tweens and teens who compete to see who can achieve the most rotations. The glowing Hula Hoop would be a lot of fun, even for a spectator.

Once the kids get into mastering the Hula Hoop tricks, there is no stopping them.

As a child, I had a hard time learning to use a hula hoop, but after I had it mastered, it was a lot of fun!


More Great Exercise Toys for Kids

Let’s not leave out the two “standards” in exercise for children. The jump rope, whether manufactured as such or simply a length of rope with masking tape on each end, as been a part of every child’s life for generations. Because you can either jump rope alone, or with friends, it is truly a must have in any work-out program. If you don’t tell the kids it’s exercise, they will love it.

The trampoline is pretty much that same way. Most of us remember the large, backyard trampolines throughout neighborhoods. But, the little mini trampoline is pretty cool since it can even be used indoors.

 Fold & Go TrampolineCheck Price Dick Martin Sports Jump Rope Plastic 9Check Price

Choose you favorite equipment and help your children start having fun exercising. It is a practice that will payoff for a lifetime!



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Exercise Toys for Children

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