Huge Stuffed Animals

 Do any of us ever grow too old for plush stuffed animals? I don’t think so, and if they come in giant sizes, so much the better. All the plush animals on this page are BIG — some easily as tall as a small child — and toddlers have been known to fall asleep in the laps or on the backs of some of these big, beautiful companions.

I’ve included a variety that will appeal to both boys and girls, young and young at heart.

They are all lovable and huggable “pets” that are sure to charm their way into your own heart and home.

Gorgeous and BIG Plush Animals

 Melissa & Doug Tiger PlushCheck PriceIf you are shopping for a gift for a child — or even for an adult — one of these jumbo plushes might be just what you are seeking.

I have no doubt this gorgeous tiger would find love at first sight!

Imagine this awesome “big cat” wrapping his big, furry paws around you. Or, letting your child go for a tiger ride right on his back.

He would also be the perfect cuddle buddy at nap time. Having a guardian tiger would certainly make any child feel safe and secure while they rest.

Jumbo and Life Sized Stuffed Animals

 Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear – PlushCheck PriceMany of us are partial to Teddy Bears! I, myself, purchased a huge Teddy Bear for our daughter when she was first born. She loved that Teddy Bear and actually napped on top of it when she was really little. When she first learned to walk, she would drag that Teddy Bear around by his paw.

This big guy can stand up on his own, at 3 feet tall. And he makes a great body pillow to snuggle up with at night or for an afternoon nap.

Sure, young children love this big, cuddly soft bear, but so do tweens, teens and grown-up kids too.

Oh, and all you guys out there searching for just the right gift, here is a great tip just for you! A huge teddy bear is one sure way to a big girl’s heart.

 Melissa & Doug Jumbo Pink Teddy BearCheck Price

Regardless of which huge stuffed, plush animal you select, either of these giant plush toys will be well loved and a treasured companion — I’m sure of it.


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  1. Kim Giancaterino says:

    I wish we had room for a couple more large stuffed animals. My stepson has a favorite lion that was given to him as a baby. He’s in college now!

  2. Susan says:

    Super huge stuffed animals are just to wonderful! I want that giraffe you featured. I can just see how the cats will adore snuggling up him, not to mention the grandgirls. Great idea for a Gramma gift.

  3. Indigo says:

    Well I bet you could have guessed that I’m not a fun of tiger skin rugs, but I’d be more than happy to see that Melissa & Doug tiger lounging on my floor! So huggable. Not like the real thing, which are beautiful but best admired from a distance.

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