Plush Dragon Toys

Plush-Dragon-ToysSoft and cuddly, cute and friendly, plush dragons make wonderful companions for children. Boys or girls can enjoy the huggable little characters. Mythical dragons are popular in stories and movies so letting children enjoy them as toys is a perfect way to have them share in the fun.

From Good Toymakers

Plush dragon toys are popular enough that some of the best toy-making companies have dragon lines. Melissa and Doug, Aurora and Webkinz are some of my personal favorites. That’s a Webkinz plush dragon in the photo above. Even though these are designed for young children, adult children, like me, can enjoy them, too. I personally have my own collection.

Some of My Favorite Plush Dragons

Here are some of those great favorites from my own collection. Mythical creatures like dragons are appealing to children of all ages. Including my own granddaughters.

 Melissa & Doug Dragon Plush Aurora Plush 14 Melissa & Doug Luster Dragon

 Large or Small Decisions

Plush dragons, like all plush toys, can be found in many different sizes. And the price tag tends to match the size. When you are choosing a gift for a child, you need to take into consideration the size of the child as well. For very young children, smaller plush dragons seem to work better, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Of course, you make your own decision about the size of the toy and the expense you can afford for it.

No Threats With the Plush Ones

The toy makers design plush dragons to be friendly looking. Legend tends to have dragons that are fire breathing scary monsters. But more recent movies have taken those scary things into gentle lovable creatures. In Shrek, Donkey falls in love with Dragon. In How to Train Your Dragon we meet a friendly and gentle sort of dragons. Plush dragons take on that gentle nature. Perfect for young children.

Lots More Choices

Some of my favorites are included here, but there are plenty more plush dragons to choose from. Take a look at plush dragon toys to see more, including the charming Webkinz dragon in the photo above. The young and young-at-heart will certainly enjoy them.


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