Barbie Doll Dream Townhouse

When I was a child, my favorite toys were my Barbie dolls.  Children today still love Barbies.
There are tons of Barbie doll accessories, but every Barbie needs a home.  A place to visit with her friends and most certainly a place to rest after a long day of activities.

Barbie TownhouseIt is easy to see at a glance why any girl would love this dollhouse.  The Townhouse is set up on three levels that actually replicate a real townhouse.

Barbie can dine with friends on the first level, entertain best friends on the second level, and sleep on the top floor.  There is even a hot tub on the balcony just outside her bedroom door.  Perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

The dollhouse also has sound features:  a ringing doorbell, a crackling fireplace, a kitchen timer, the sound of running water for the shower and even the sound of a flushing toilet.

Oh, but my personal favorite feature is the working elevator! What girl wouldn’t love having an elevator in her luxury townhouse?

This is a great Barbie house that will ensure hours of fun and imagination.


The Barbie Townhouse

Barbie Townhouse

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Note how tall the townhouse is!  Shown here with children, you can see for yourself how the height compares to an actual child.

I am certain that every little girl would love this dollhouse.  I know I would have loved having it when I was a little girl.  Our dollhouses were no were near as elaborate.  They certainly did not have actual sound, or even multiple levels.

This really is an awesome house.  It would make the perfect gift for Christmas or a birthday for a child who loves her dolls and wants them to have the best of everything.

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh, my but I could have hours of fun with this Barbie Townhouse. Oh yeah, with my granddaughters! Love all the sounds for the house, what a fun way to play pretend with all the Barbie dolls little girls have.

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