Let’s Pretend! Melissa & Doug Role Play Costume Sets


Kids Love Playing Dress-Up Everyday!

Melissa & Doug are famous in the world of toys, and here are some fantastic role play costume sets from their collection that parents and children just love.

Let your kids use their imagination as they dress up in their favorite character roles.  It doesn’t matter if that’s a train driver or a super hero, a princess or a waitress — each costume set will stimulate their minds and let them into a play world where they can be anything they like, for as long as they like … then change!

Children’s minds are magical, and between the ages of 3 and 6 they have no trouble creating and re-creating themselves in adult roles.  You can indulge them with any one of these costume and accessory sets, and there are even complete bundles available to buy if you’re so inclined.

One word of warning though!  Those pirates may well want to take you captive until you give up all your treasures, which would most likely consist of gummy bears and cookies.   An easy price to pay for being included in the fun.


Melissa & Doug Role Play Costume Sets

Children will have a blast with either set of these costumes.  They can pretend to be life saving doctors, veterinarians, or firemen.  No doubt, their dolls and stuffed animals will be most grateful for their thoughtful concern and consideration.

The little bakers may well want to cook up a treat for the whole family.  Watch out kids!  Mom may well want to borrow you chef hat!


 Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume SetCheck Price Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play Costume SetCheck Price Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume SetCheck Price Melissa & Doug Veterinarian Role Play Costume SetCheck Price


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Role Play Costume Bundle

 Role Play Bundle: Fire Chief, Construction Worker, and Train EngineerCheck Price

In this super bundle, there are 3 complete sets for your youngsters.  There’s a Fire Chief set, a Construction Worker and Train Engineer outfits, so kids can change their minds as offer as they want about what they want to be today.  And this bundle will keep them occupied for many days.

Each costume set has a costume plus accessories that you would expect that worker to use.  For example, the fire chief costume comes with a helmet and a fire extinguisher plus other accessories; the Construction Worker has his own safety helmet, goggle and tools; and the Train Engineer has a cap and walkie-talkie among his things.

Click the link for more specifics for each costume set.



Melissa & Doug Hair Stylist Costume Role Play Set

 Melissa & Doug Hair Stylist Role Play SetCheck Price

Maybe the girls will like this better than the boys, but you never know!

Your little hairdresser is provided with a colored headband and a tabard with pockets for all her gear, just like a real stylist.

This set comes with a comb, brush and mirror.  It also includes scissors, of course.  Every hair stylist needs scissors. They’re not real scissors though … just in case you don’t want her scalping the cat or shearing the dog.

A battery-powered hair dryer that blows cold air is the final accessory.



Melissa & Doug Pirate, Super Hero and Knight Costume Role Play Set of 3

 Melissa & Doug Pirate, Super Hero and Knight  Role Play Set of 3Check Price

Another great costume bundle here.  Whether our child wants to be a Pirate, a Super Hero or a Knight, he can take his pick.  They are all truly wonderful!

He can changes costumes each day, or change several day a day when he owns a variety of role playing costumes.

What you get with this bundle:

  • A Pirate costume set with costume, hat, eye patch and sword
  • A Super Hero costume with cape and mask
  • A Knight costume with tunic, shield and sword



More Fabulous Fun with Melissa and Doug Role Play Costumes

Cowboys, Astronauts, and Princesses!  Who doesn’t dream of being one of these characters, if not all of them.  They are all truly fantastic costumes and would be a whole lot of fun for role playing and dress-up.

A child would never want to take off these costumes. I can easily imagine them falling to sleep, still wearing the costumes and dreaming of great adventures in the wild west, outer space or ruling over their kingdom with kindness.

 Melissa & Doug Cowboy Role Play Check Price Melissa & Doug Astronaut Role Play SetCheck Price Melissa & Doug Princess Role Play SetCheck Price

Dressing up and pretending really is such an important part of being a child.  So much so, adults share that desire.  We often wish we could escape back into the world of childhood make believe and fairy tales.  However, most of us are limited to Halloween for our dress-up time, but children certainly do not have to be bound by such limitations.



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