Plush Rocking Animals for Babies and Toddlers

Plush Rocking TigerEveryone loves a Plush Rocking Horse, but did you know there are other animal rockers available today?  Beautiful and soft rocking animals designed just for our babies and toddlers.

For instance, the Rocking Tiger featured here is a very pretty, plush fellow waiting for a child to love and ride.  Like the ever popular horse, this tiger rocker has wooden handles for the child to hold.  Toddlers can comfortably rock the day away while embracing an animal that won’t hurt them.

The Tiger is recommended for ages 3-6.  He has a seat height 15″ and a weight capacity up to 150 lbs.

I do wish to note the change in design.  The original tiger featured in the intro photo has been updated.  He now has a thicker center and a less realistic face.

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Plush Safari Rocking Animals

Kids can spend hours rocking and listening to the animal noises some of the animals can make.  In their young minds, they will be galloping over the plains or through the jungles riding on the back of their favorite safari animal.

Each animal rocker here has been chosen for its soft texture and safety.  The rockers are solidly constructed and finished in plush fabric to give the rocking horse some extra cuddle appeal.

 Rockin’ Rider Gerry The Rocking Giraffe,TanCheck Price Hopscotch Squad Rocking Animal for Children “Ellie” The Elephant Rocking Horse RockerCheck Price Steiff Urs Riding Bear Stuffed Rocker – Premium Soft Woven Plush Animal Ride-On with Wooden Base and Handles – for Kids Ages 4 and UpCheck Price

Any of these Safari animals rockers would be fun and a welcome addition to a child’s play room.  Also, they can easily be moved from room to room.  These animals could even be set in the kitchen for the child to ride while Mom cooks.   Mom or Dad could keep a watchful eye and still perform other necessary tasks around the home.

Whether you child loves giraffes, bears, tigers, zebras, elephants or all of the aforementioned, there is a lovely plush rocking animal available just for them.

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All of the Animal rockers are so very adorable, it is hard to choose just one.  Therefore, I am quite tempted to start an entire Plush Rocking Animal collection or a Plush Rocking Bug Collection!