Lego Friends Girls Will Love

Lego Friends for Girls

Lego Friends for Girls

Nicole & Olivia with their Bikes are included in the Adventure Camper Set shown below

The Lego Universe has expanded and added Girl Power!  You can find all the best Lego Friends Girls building blocks here for your innovative child.  Take her into the world of creativity and imagination that was until recently reserved for boys.  Now girls have amazing worlds to build, houses to play in, communities to expand, and imaginations to nurture.

Your child can play in a community where she is a Veterinarian or the Baker.  She can be an inventor, a pet show director, or just relax in the pool after a long drive in her purple convertible.  The world of Lego Friends for Girls is expanding to encompass a ‘sky is the limit of your imagination’ philosophy and NOW it is Girl Powered!

What is great about Lego Friends is that they can integrate with all standard Lego sets.  So you can expand on all the building blocks sets that you have collected over the years.


Best LEGO Friends of All – The Top Pick For LEGO Friends

Olivia's House from Lego

 LEGO Friends Olivia’s House 3315Check Price

Olivia’s House comes with Kitty and three mini-doll figures (mom, Olivia, and Dad).

Your child have fun with this Lego family as they enjoy life in their fully furnished house.  It even has a barbecue roof top patio and outdoor table!  Some of the furniture includes shower, toilet, sink, bed, vanity, couch, sofa chair, coffee table, TV, refrigerator with opening door, cabinets, oven, sink, kitchen table and chairs and so much more.  There are also fun accessories like kitchen ware and foodstuff, bathroom accessories and so much more.

You will love watching too as your children have a fun time with Olivia in her own home.


Lego Friends at the Vet – Best Rated Lego Friends Set for Her

Lego Friends Heartlake Vet with Animals

 LEGO Friends Heartlake Vet 3188Check Price

Who wouldn’t want to care for injured pets and help them to feel their best?

This is a place for little girls to imagine they are the pet doctor.  This set has to be the most popular Girl Powered Lego Friends you can buy!

This is definitely a pretty neat setup for your little vet.  Any animal enthusiast is sure to love it.

The set includes medical equipment, plus there are even a few animals included in this kit.  A dog, a horse and a hedgehog are all waiting for the “vet” to examine and care for them.


Visit Heartlake City Today!

Lego Friends Heartlake Playsets Include Pets & Planes

Let’s go to fun spots all around Heartlake City with the Lego Friends gang.  These building block sets are perfect for girls who want to build a city for their own minifigure friends.

Most children love animals and there are several more sets you will want to check out in addition to the pet vet set above.  Your child can host her own doggie show or tend her very own stables.  Each of these set include the appropriate animals.

When she has finished caring and showing her precious pets, she can take off in her very own plane!  Girls are no longer required to stand outside the gate and watch.  They are now allowed to join the flying club and get their pilots license too.

 LEGO Friends 3189 Heartlake StablesCheck Price LEGO Friends Heartlake Dog Show 3942Check Price LEGO Friends Heartlake Flying ClubCheck Price


Lego Friends Olivia Sets – Meet Olivia

Olivia is a cute and curious girl from the Lego Friends.  Now join her in these cute sets and build some fun places for Olivia to play and explore with her friends in.  Each set comes with minifigures and all the blocks needed to rebuild them for Olivia to play in.

Olivia is comfortable indoors or outside!  Her special interests include working in her Inventor’s Workshop.  She proves that girls are no longer confined to the kitchen to mix up their newest concoctions.

When she is ready for more outdoor activities, she can run out to play in the tree house built just for her.

 LEGO Friends Olivia’s Inventor’s Workshop 3933Check Price LEGO Friends Olivias Tree House 3065Check Price



Meet Emma From Lego Friends

Emma’s Horse Trailer

This is a really cool Lego set.  Everything you see in the photo is in the set, including the horse and all of her accessories.  The horse actually fits in the trailer for a safe ride.

Why not pair this set with the Heartlake Vet set shown above?  It would be fun to drive Emma’s horse to see the vet in this wonderful horse trailer.  Once you’ve dropped off the horse at the vets, unhook the trailer and take a spin in the truck, which is also included in this set.

 LEGO Friends Emmas Horse Trailer #3186 New in Sealed Factory Package RETIREDCheck Price


Now, Let’s Go Camping!

The Lego Adventure Camper Set Includes Olivia & Nicole, but your child can certainly “invite” Emma along too.  (Emma is sold separately or in other sets)

Let you little girl set out for an adventure with this fabulous camper set.  Once the set is built, she will have a ton of playing with the camping “doll house” she has created.

In addition to the camper, she can build a trailer, a picnic table, and a camping stove to complete her imaginary camping adventure.  The best part of this adventure, your child will be safe at home.

 LEGO Friends 3184 Adventure CamperCheck Price


Lego Friends Kids’ Watch For Her

 LEGO Friends Olivia Watch with minifigureCheck Price

Get Her Cute Link Watches

When your child has to go to school, or elsewhere, she doesn’t have to completely leave her friends behind at home.  She can take this one with her!

This is just one of the really cute watches available featuring the Lego Friends gang.

Girls at any age love jewelry and these kids watches are link watches that girl are sure to enjoy making and wearing.



Don’t You Just Love the Lego Friends Sets for Girls!

I was personally quite pleased to see these Lego Friends that were created just for the girls.

What girl wouldn’t love these building block sets?  I certainly do hope that Lego continues to expand on this line.  What about you?


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Lego Friends for Girls

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