Toy Super Soaker Water Guns

Super Soaker Water GunsSuper Soakers and Squirt Guns Are Truly a Blast!

What better fun in the sun is there for a kid that combines cooling off, running around, pretending and, best of all, dousing your friends (and parents and siblings) with big streams of water than super soaker guns?  These toy water guns are even great fun for the grownup kids too.

As a matter of fact, it seems young and old enjoy playing in the water.  Nothing better on a hot summer day, than throwing on a swim suit or shorts and gearing up for fun.  Let’s all just enjoy the moment and prepare to get wet!


The Nerf Water Strike Super Soaker Toy Water Gun

 Super Soaker Tornado StrikeCheck Price

This awesome Nerf water blaster features a spinning barrel, a detachable stock, tactical rails and a water clip.  The powerful pump handle on this Super Soaker will send out a swirling stream of water up to 20 feet away.  The detachable stock has an adjustable reach that will allow you to douse someone across the pool.


 Super Soaker Clip System CanistersCheck Price

The Nerf Super Soaker Clip System

You can also purchase additional Super Soaker clips separately.  With additional clips, there would be no need to continually be running back to the hose or refilling in the pool with this super fast clip switch, which allows you to keep the soaking going with 10 fluid ounces of backup capacity.

The clip attaches to a belt or pants.


 Supersoaker Wars Rattler Water Blaster – RedCheck Price

The Super Soaker Water Blaster

Spend less time reloading and more time blasting water with this Super Soaker.

You slide the pump handle forward to load it, then slide it back to shoot a stream of water up to 25 feet.

This air-powered pump handle soaker has a nice-sized tank, so you don’t have to keep refilling as often and can keep dousing your family and friends.  But it’s really only fair if they have soakers in hand, too, so you might want to pick up more than one.



A Little Fireman’s Super Soaker with Backpack Tank

 Aeromax Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose with BackpackCheck Price

Some of the water soakers above have big tanks, but if you really want to keep soaking and soaking the competition, there’s nothing like having a whole water pack on your back.

Your “little firefighter” will be able to shoot long distances, up to 35 feet with one pump, for a long time and with force.  This super soaker with a backpack tank is also comfortable for running around and playing.

He or she can even put the soaking to good use while helping with the gardening or even washing the car.

Either of these toy super soaker water guns would be a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy a hot summer day.



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