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Where to Buy Great “Green” Wooden Toys for Kids

Wood is a wonderfully tactile material, and wooden toys have been popular with kids for centuries.  Recently, they have been enjoying a revival in popularity, especially wooden toys that come from non-destructive or renewable sources.

One of the companies leading the way and providing inspiration for others is Plan Toys, the first company to use the wood from old rubber trees for their toys.  The old trees no longer provide sap for rubber, so instead of being destroyed they’re being put to good use.

Here, you’ll see a variety of wooden toys from the Plan Toys company, including toys made with the boys in mind and toys especially for the girls, all of which can by played with by boys or girls, of course.  And there’s also a section on wooden “toys with noise,” that features wooden toy instruments.  Enjoy!


Wooden Pull Toys

All kids love pulling their pets along behind them.  These wooden pull toys make the perfect pet for toddlers and preschoolers.  These animals don’t bite, they don’t required feeding and they can’t get hurt by little hands that don’t quite know how to “gentle” their pats just yet.  These animals could easily become your child’s best friend and go everywhere with them.

Any child would love to have the pet alligator or the colorful snake as a pet and the tag-along dog is absolutely adorable.  The hard part will be selecting the pet for your child!  You may well find that they want them all.

Recommended Ages: 19 months – 4 years

 Plan Toys Dancing AlligatorCheck Price PLAN Toy Pull Along SnakeCheck Price Plan Toys Happy PuppyCheck Price


Some Wonderful Wooden Plan Toys

You can be sure, when you buy Plan Toys, they use sound green policies in their manufacturing process, producing quality goods that will last for years.  They use non-toxic natural materials and create toys that support early learning and all child development.

Let’s explore the world of Plan Toy Wooded toys!

From vehicles, dollhouses to musical instruments, there is sure to be a fabulous wooden toy from the Plan Toys collection for every child.

 Plan City Fire StationCheck Price Plan Toys Melody XylophoneCheck Price Plan Toys The Green Dollhouse with FurnitureCheck Price


 Plan Toys City Series Parking GarageCheck Price

Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage

Suitable for children age 3 years and up

Here’s a cool parking garage that will entertain the little ones for hours.

With sturdy wood construction, this set has one car, a gas station and car-wash and multistory parking with an elevator.  You can buy extra cars or use any standard gauge die-cast and plastic vehicles.

The wooden toy garage measures around 3.4 x 15 x 22.4 inches.

This wooden parking garage is sure to become any little boys dream come true.


Best Wooden Toys

Especially for the boys

Boys love playing with their cars!  Cars and trucks seem to fascinate little boys.  Well, they fascinate big boys too, but these wooden cars and sets are made just for your little guys.   Give them a few cars and trucks plus a parking garage or race track, and they can play for hours.  These sets are designed in primary colors, which are proven to the colors that children prefer for play.

Each of these sets comes with at least one vehicle.  The Plan City Fire Station (shown above) comes with one emergency response car and the fire truck.  The Plan City Rescue set comes with the ambulance and the aid car.  There is also a helipad, but you would need to purchase the Plan City wooden helicopter separately.   (Helicopter shown below)

 Plan City Rescue CenterCheck Price PlanToys PlanCity Road System DeluxeCheck Price

The Plan City Road System includes lots of extras and comes with 2 cars.  You can certainly add as many vehicles to either of these sets as you desire.  I have always preferred to purchase the main set for our son and let his grandparents give the additional vehicles.  That fits better with the grandparents limited budget and everyone is happy, especially our son who ends up with an awesome set of vehicles.

A Few Extras for The Plan Vehicle Sets

As I mentioned above, you can purchase additional wooden vehicles and expand the basic Plan City sets.  You may want to give the original set as a Christmas gift and add the additional vehicles for birthday gifts, or even added as a special treat in an Easter basket.  Getting the additional vehicles makes the whole set seem new again!

 Plan City Road Construction SetCheck Price PlanToys Plan City Helicopter With Pilot VehicleCheck Price Plan City Car TransporterCheck Price


 PlanToys Plan Preschool Clatter MusicCheck Price

Plan Toys Clatter Music Toy for Preschoolers

Kids love the Clatter!  While they may not always be “music” to a parents ear, they definitely entertain children for hours of fun.  From gentle to LOUD, this clatter toy is just what a preschooler needs to let you know he or she is around.

This toy instrument is played with both hands.  The Clatter’s segments clap against each other to create the sound.

These instruments are all constructed from safe and non-toxic materials.

Recommended age:  19 months – 3 years


More Wooden Instruments Here

Why not encourage a child’s natural musical talents and interests.  Children love making their own music.  Kids naturally know what to do with a drum set, but it can be lots of fun for the parents to listen as their children actually bang out a beat.

The Concertina is squeezed in and out, accordion style, to make different notes and play pitches.

The Banjo is strung with nylon strings so children can play different notes while strumming their banjo, just like they see adults play.

Note to Parents:  I know the temptation will be great, but please wait until the child is sleeping to grab up the wooding musical instrument and start playing yourself

 PlanToys Musical BandCheck Price Plan Toy ConcertinaCheck Price Plan Toys BanjoCheck Price



NNo Plan Toy Chalet Doll House with FurnitureCheck Price

Plan Toy Chalet Doll House with Furniture

Suitable for children age 3 years and up

Wooden dollhouses may seem reminiscent of olden times, but the Plan Toy dollhouses are definitely designed in current day architectural style.

Here you have a cute chalet doll house that any little girl will adore. She can furnish it and people it, rebuild it and rearrange the rooms to her heart’s delight.

The chalet is in two units, one with three stories and one with two and also includes five rooms of furniture including the kitchen, living room, bathroom, master bedroom and of course, the children’s bedroom.

As with any wood toy doll house, these sets will be treasured for a lifetime and passed down from one generation to the next.

Dolls are sold separately.  No dolls are included with the wooden dollhouse chalet.  At first, I was a little disappointed that the dolls were not included, but then I realized that allows you to select the dolls of your own preference.  It actually makes sense that the dolls would not be included once I took a moment to think about it.


Lots of Choice in Dolls & Household Furnishing for your Plan Toys Dolls House

Select your dolls!  Of course, your child may well want to have a neighborhood of families and change which family to play with each day.  There are several sets of dolls.  Some of the doll sets come with 4 dolls (the parents and 2 children) and others come with 6 dolls.  These are only a few of the Plan Toy wooden dolls created for the Plan Toy dollhouses.  Mix and match to create the family structure your child prefers.

 Hape – Happy Family Doll House – Caucasian Doll FamilyCheck Price Plan Toy Doll House Asian FamilyCheck Price Hape – Happy Family Doll House – Doll Family – African AmericanCheck Price


Change the Furniture and Expand to the Backyard Area

Even though the playhouses come with furniture, redecorating is always fun!  There are quite a few more furniture groups available from Plan Toys.  You can purchase furniture sets that allow your child to change every room in the playhouse, including the kitchen.  There is also a nursery or home office set available.  The kids will have as much fun changing around the rooms as we do changing around the furniture in our own homes.

There is even playground equipment and a dog house available so your child can create a backyard area for her dolls and dollhouse!  The Dog House Set includes the dog, a cat and a rabbit, plus a feeding / water bowl for each animal.  Animals always add an extra element of fun to any home, even the imaginary play homes.

 Plan Toys PlaygroundCheck Price PlanToys Plan Dollhouse Pet and Accessories FurnitureCheck Price


Wooden toys are always delightful for children and highly desired by parents these days.   Any of the Plan Toys sets or individual toys would be a fabulous gift that will provide many years of fun and entertainment.



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