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JellyCat ElephantDelightful Jellycat Plush Toys

Wouldn’t you love to give a Delightful Jellycat Plush Toy to all the children in your life?   These are so adorable they would make great gifts for just about anyone who loves soft and plush animals.  Even grown ups (many of them that is) would enjoy having a precious Jellycat plush toy as a gift for just about any occasion.

You can find the best Jellycat plush toy selections here on this page.  The dino, puppy, giraffe, monkey, and more.  And that’s not all! If you have a Jellycat plush toy in mind you can search for it on this page to find just what you are looking for.  The Jellycat plush toys are so soft they are luxurious. What better toy to give when you want to give plush toys?  The most popular and perhaps the best made of all the plush toys around these days.


Jellycat Plush Dinosaur


Dippy Red Dino 13″ by Jellycat

 Dappy Red Dino – 13Check Price

Soft and huggable dark red dinosaur

For many babies, color is one of the most important elements when it comes to toys.  And, it isn’t uncommon for red to be a baby’s first favorite color.  This may be because it is one of the first colors they recognize or maybe it is because as they are learning about color (through their senses) they think of red as an energy color which is often rare but always a welcome addition to experiences.

A red dinosaur gives you multiple ways to use the toy as a teaching tool.  History and design as well as the sense of touch and motor skills are all part of the first interaction your baby will experience with a red Jellycat Plush Dinosaur.


Jellycat Plush Toys ~ Cordy Animals

I love the material and the old fashioned style of the cordy collection of Jellycat animals.

They are all colorful and made with jumbo corduroy for a luxurious velvety texture which is sure to delight any baby, child or adult with a simply touch.

 Jellycat® Cordy Roy Gator, Medium – 16Check Price Cordy Roy Elephant, Medium – 16Check Price Cordy Roy Pink Cat, Medium – 16Check Price Jellycat® Cordy Roy Fox, Medium – 16Check Price


Jellycat Plush Toys Availability

Online availability of the Jellycat Cordy plush collection does vary.  Often, you will find both the 10″ and the 16″ size available.

This Cordys are recommended for ages 3 months and up.


More Traditional Style Jellycat Plush Animals

Jellycat Plush Giraffe


Jellycat Plush Toys ~ Giraffe

  Bashful Giraffe, Medium – 12Check Price

Many babies love jungle themes and baby jungle animals are often a big part of decorating. You can add this amazing Jellycat Plush Giraffe to your nursery and will fast become your baby’s favorite toy.

Check for washing and care instructions. You will find most customers like the ease of care. They will outlast many other plush toys and are often (unless otherwise specified) safe for your baby.

As with any plush toy check for lose eyes or other embellishments each time the toy is washed to ensure there are no choking hazards.



Jellycat Plush Safari Animals

 Boppity Boing Zebra Check Price Jellycat Bashful Lion Check Price Jellycat Bashful Tiger Check Price  Bashful Lilac Hippo, Check Price


Plush Monkey

Jellycat Plush monkeys


Jellycat Plush Animals ~ Large Bashful Monkey 14″

 Bashful Monkey Large (doll size: 36cm)Check Price

Monkeys are fun and soft , great to cuddle up with and an amazing nursery decor theme

Another very popular decorating style is to use a monkey motif in the nursery. This Jellycat Plush Monkey is going to give your child hours of playtime interacting with the soft and luxurious feel of the toy. You will also have many opportunities to talk to your child about the jungle, outdoors, baby animals, monkeys in general… and as your child grows you can plan a visit to the zoo where she can see real live monkeys playing.

If you have ever passed by a group of children at the zoo watching monkeys play you know this is a delightful place for children to have fun, laugh, and learn about the world around them. Toys are the gateway to this world. A way to introduce ideas and then later expand on them. Introducing them early gives your child time to process and even become curious so when they are at the zoo (for example) they will identify more quickly with the animals and learn quickly.

With the feature on the left, you get ONE 14″ Jellycat Monkey.


Jellycat Plush Farm Animals

This is one fox you won’t mind having in your barn!

  Bashful Donkey, Medium – 12Check Price Jellycat® Woodland Babe Fox, MediumCheck Price Bashful Pinto Pony, MediumCheck Price


Plush Bunny – Jellycat Plush Toys

You may never find a pink bunny in nature, but, this Jellycat Plush Bunny is just as adorable as a real bunny, maybe more so. As your child cuddles with a pink bunny she will begin to imagine how real bunnies might be.

Take her to a farm later on down the road. She will have fun wondering why her bunny is pink while the rest of the bunnies at the petting zoo or farm are ordinary colors. You might by chance come across a pink bunny in captivity. Every now and then you might see bunnies with their coats dyed. But, that isn’t a common practice (other than in some regions).

  Bashful Pink Bunny Soother BlankieCheck Price

  Bashful Chocolate Bunny, Medium – 12Check Price Bashful Beige Bunny, Medium – 12Check Price Bashful Cream Bunny, Medium – 12Check Price  Bashful Pink Bunny Chime – 12Check Price
Woodland Babe Bunny, Medium – 12Check Price


Jellycat Plush Puppy

Jellycat Plush Dog


Truffle Large Puppy

 Jellycat Truffle Puppy LargeCheck Price

The best and most popular of all plush animals is the puppy. A Jellycat puppy gets even more attention.

Saving the most popular best of all for last, every child will enjoy a Jellycat Plush Puppy. They are perhaps the next best thing to having a real live puppy for babies. This is a puppy you can let in the crib with your baby without wondering what kind of temperament he will have in this or that situation.

As mentioned previously: Be sure to check all toys often to make sure they do not have lose parts. Lose parts can become a choking hazard. Check everything you give your child each time you are going to give it to them as well as an through inspection after washing.




Jellycat Soft Books

Jellycat Books

You may also enjoy exploring the world of Soft Books!

Jellycat Soft Books are sure to entertain any baby or toddler by stimulating their senses. Soft, plush fabric to touch, or pet. Beautiful pictures and colors to see. Some books even include sounds. Toddlers will, no doubt, teethe on the soft pages without fear of harm to either the book or the child.

Click Here to view a selection of Jellycat Soft Books.


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 Jellycat Vivi MouseCheck Price

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