Lego Automobiles: Cars and Trucks

Lego Automobiles: Cars & TrucksLego Transportation Kits

Kids of all ages love to play with transportation themed toys.  Lego automobiles, cars, and trucks are a great way to give Legos and also give one of the most popular themes for kids toys.  Boys and girls alike love cars and trucks and, aside from having a different perspective of colors on occasion, they often enjoy the same styles of automobiles.

Lego transportation kits are great as stand alone kits or to add extra bricks and play time to other kits.  Lego enthusiasts and car enthusiast alike will love the best automobiles building sets and have hours of fun building and engaging in imaginative playtime.  Plus, you are sure to enjoy adding to any fan’s collection with a couple of items on this page because every gift giver desires to be appreciated.

 LEGO Creator Red Car (5867)Check Price

Lego Creator Red Car

3 models in 1 set

This is such an awesome building set!   With this one set, you can choose whether you want to build a go-cart, an armored car or a speedster!

You could start out building one and when you are ready, take it apart and build a different Lego vehicle.

Instructions for all 3 vehicles are included.

Lego Creator Car & Truck
 LEGO City Police Patrol Car 4436Check Price

Lego City Police Patrol Car

Kids love playing ‘cops and robbers’ and this Lego City Police Patrol Car includes the police officer and a robber mini-figure so you are set to have a fabulous time chasing the robber in the police car.

There are so many creative imaginative games you can play long after you enjoy putting together the automobiles (cars and trucks) with the Lego blocks / bricks in each kit.  Once you put together the Police Patrol car you can spend hours imagining you are chasing the robbers around town.  That car kit comes with two mini-figures (police and robber).


Lego Cars Agent Mater’s Escape

Lego fans and “Cars” fans are going to enjoy Mater’s Escape set for building and fun imaginative playtime.  The story behind the set is going to entertain fans even before they begin to build and play.

 LEGO Cars Agent Mater’s Escape 9483Check Price


 LEGO Creator Transport Truck 5765Check Price

Lego Transport Truck

Everyone knows how fun it is to play with a truck.  Even grown-ups want to join in the fun every time they watch children having fun with toy trucks.  The one that often gets the most adults to join in is the truck with a trailer.  Add a helicopter with a spinning rotor and you are sure to have a winner!

This Transport Truck has some unique features as a transport vehicle set.  One is you get to choose from at least three types of things to build (with this one kit).  Build a transport truck, then take it apart and rebuild it into a road rescue truck.

The helicopter is also included in this set.


Lego City Loader and Tipper

Now you can do some serious mining with a loader and a dump truck set.  Lego has thought of all the details including helmets, dynamite, signs, and a ‘rock’ with gold inside.  The City sets are a great way to build onto your collection over time so you can create your own Lego City.  This set has two vehicles (Loader and a Dump Truck), plus several accessories to encourage imagination.

 LEGO City 4201 Loader and TipperCheck Price


 LEGO City 4202 Mining TruckCheck Price

Lego City Mining Truck

All kids love dump trucks!

Another favorite Lego truck is a dump truck with large wheels so it is easy to maneuver over different surfaces.  Have hours of fun finding precious metals.  Mine for gold, fill up the truck, dump the finds, and go back for more.  You even have a bit of dynamite and a timer included for the toughest mountains. Miner with hardhat mini-figure is included.

NOTE:  This set (as well as many of the Lego building sets) has a few very small pieces (gold crystals and gold nuggets) which can be dangerous choking hazards for children under 4.
Lego Mining Truck

The Long Distance Hauler

Lego semi truck trailer setLego Semi-Trailer Truck

Every child love the long hauler trucks!  Perhaps, it is because they see them so often on the road when they are traveling.  Or, perhaps, it is because they have a beloved family member who is a truck driver.  Regardless of the reason, kids love the 18 wheelers semi-trailer trucks.

Just like the real big rig, the cab separates from the trailer and can be driven around separately.  Every driver will love the cab since it is outfitted with a bed and a flat screen tv.

 LEGO Truck 3221Check Price



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