Boogie Boards for the Beach

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Our family loves going to the beach during the spring, summer and early fall months.  An inexpensive and fabulous form of beach entertainment can be found with a boogie board, or body board, whichever term you prefer.  We each own our own personal boogie board.  When we take guests to the beach with us, one of our first stops is to purchase a boogie board.

We simply love riding the waves!

There are lots of different designs available on boogie boards and each wave “surfer” can select one that fits their preferences and personality.


 Bodyboard 33in.Check Price

The Shark Boogie Board

 Raskullz Shark Attax Body Board, BlueCheck Price

Personally, I am not a fan of sharks, but for the fearless wave rider and wave surfer who loves sharks, this one is pretty awesome. The colors are really vibrant and the artwork is spectacular.

It would, no doubt, be my sons choice and the choice of most of his friends. I would have to put their names on each of their boards with a sharpie pen though, so they would know which shark was theirs. After all, children do become very attached to their “pets”.

The Raskullz Shark Attax full size body board is lightweight enough that it is recommended for ages even as young as 4 years old.


Dolphin Boogie Board

 37 in. Jumping Dolphins Pictoral Print Body BoardCheck Price

For those who prefer a more playful sea creature, the dolphin boogie board is a favorite.

I think just about anyone would love this dolphin duo, but I know this would be our daughters choice. She has always loved dolphins. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that she feels safe when dolphins are in the water close by. She views them as aquatic protectors.

This particular boogie board a nylon Velcro secured wrist leash which keeps you and the board from being separated in the ocean waves should you get knocked off the board by the waves or should you simply prefer swimming for a bit. It can be rather tiring to have to chase your body board.


More Boogie Boards

There really is a huge variety of boogie boards available with a vast array of artwork. There is sure to be a boogie board available for everyone on your beach party list.

To see the full line available, simply click here: Boogie Boards & Body Boards

 Swimways Minnie Mouse Boogie BoardCheck Price Boogie Board Child Sized 17 x 11x 3Check Price Clown Fish in Coral Reef Print Body Board 33 in.Check Price 41 in. `Gone Fishing` Art by Drew Brophy Body BoardCheck Price Leisure Way, Ocean Boogie Boards, Sea Dragon Legend , 33 inch,Check Price

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh, I love boogie boards. I’ve never had my own, but used my daughter’s at the beach. Now, I have something new to put on my wish list.

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