Star Wars Forces of Destiny Adventure Action Figures

Star Wars Poseable Female Action FiguresSome of the most popular toys today are the Star Wars Forces of Destiny adventure action figures.

If you wonder why, the answer is really very simple.  Children, and adults alike, have always been crazy about Star Wars.  Generation after generation has embraced the movies and the beloved characters.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny is fairly new on the scene.  It is an animated series on the Disney channel that focuses specifically on the female Star Wars characters.  As always, Disney has also produced toys resembling the characters.  Each character has a poseable action figure that you can own and collect.


Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku Adventure Figure

 Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku Adventure FigureCheck Price

Everyone knows that Rey of Jakku is the most popular female character on Star Wars.  With her fast action moves and quick thinking, she has easily displaced all of the other females as best female ever.

Created for ages 4 and up, the Rey action figure is sure to become an awesome toy as well as a collectible.  She is a poseable 11 inch figure that comes with her own staff and backpack.  Some of her clothes and accessories are removable so you can dress her for Jedi training, combat or traveling.  Her pants are not removable.

Squeeze her legs to and watch her swing into action with her dependable staff.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey Action Figure

In addition to the Rey poseable action figure above, there are two additional options. I especially like the one that includes BB-8.

 Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku and BB-8 Adventure SetCheck Price Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku 11-inchCheck Price


Princess Leia Action Figure

Of course, we all know Princess Leia.  She was our first female hero in the Star Wars series.  She continues to star as the leader of the Rebel Alliance.  Leia is a key figure in all of the movies since she was Luke Skywalker’s sister, Han Solo’s sweetheart and wife, and Kylo Ren’s mother.  However, she is also a strong leader as the head of the Rebel Alliance in more recent years.

Either of these poseable figures would be fabulous additions to any collection or even the first Star Wars action figure we own.  Both figures are accompanied by another beloved Star Wars character.

 Forces of Destiny Endor AdventureCheck Price Forces of Destiny Princess Leia Organa and R2-D2 Adventure SetCheck Price


More Forces of Destiny Female Action Figures

I mentioned in the introduction that the strong females are the focus in the animated Star Wars series, “Forces of Destiny”. Here are a few more that you are sure to want in order to complete you entire collection of fabulous women.

 Forces of Destiny Sabine WrenCheck Price Forces of Destiny Jyn ErsoCheck Price Forces of Destiny Ahsoka TanoCheck Price



Star Wars Female Action Figures

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