Sand Bucket & Toys Beach Sets

Going to the beach and playing in the sand with sand bucket and toys beach sets is just pure fun!  My children always loved building magnificent structures in the sand and developing their sand architect skills.  Even as adults, we like to have an excuse to build sand castles and beautiful sand creations.

Our daughter has a summer birthday and she always loved getting the sand beach sets as a gift.   I remember hours of watching her dig, build and create gorgeous homes for the little sand crabs.  She would get so excited when she had completed her sand castles and had dug a moat around them.  It was truly rather sad the next morning to wake up and see that they had been washed away, but she would simply start over and built anew.


My First Little Beach Set

 My First Little Beach Set: 10 Piece Sand & Water Play Set: Includes Shovels, Sand Molds and BucketCheck Price

This is certainly the perfect first little beach set for toddlers.

This set was actually designed and is made for smaller children and their little hands. The bucket is only 5″ wide and the shovel is 7″ long.

The little molds will make your toddlers feel a huge sense of accomplishment because they will be able to create little shaped creatures on the beach or in a sand box.

I have actually seen dad’s who enjoyed those little molds as much as their children.

Truly delightful!


Beach Set in a Bag

 Toysmith Beach Set in BagCheck Price

As our children got older, I came to appreciate the beach sets in a bag. It is was so easy for them to pick up and carry their own beach toys with the tote bag.

The clear plastic lets you know at a glance that they are not bringing home a new sand crab “pet” too.

This set comes with a rake and a watering can which can be used to tote ocean water to the building site to easily fill that mote.

It also include the plane and train sand molds which are sure to be a hit!


Sand Castle Beach Set

 15-Pieces Beach Sand Toys Set in Zippered Bag Castle BucketCheck Price

Everyone loves a sand castle and this is a fabulous sand castle beach set!

The set includes the castle bucket for building the center entrance or main section of the castle, as well as 2 hall sections, which means several children can participate in building this castle, or perhaps just mom and dad can help.

It also comes with the awesome clear tote bag, a shovel, a rake, sifter, the watering can and 8 molds!

The molds included with this set would be the icing on the cake for me when selecting the perfect sand bucket beach set. In addition to having 2 more castle tower molds, there are several animals including a dinosaur, a turtle, an alligator and a bunny. I will admit, I laughed at the idea of the castle being stormed by a huge bunny rabbit!

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