Musical Toys for Babies and Toddlers

My Children Always Loved Great Musical Toys!
musical toys for babies & toddlers Research suggests that babies recognize music even when still in the womb, so it’s no surprise they respond so well to music immediately after they are born.  From softly playing mobiles and soothing music, it isn’t long before a toddler is making her own music, albeit some of her music style is music only to her own ears.  Give a child a spoon or stick and she’ll bang it on something to produce a sound.  Give him a keyboard, and he’ll entertain you for hours with his own compositions.

Here, I’ve collected a selection of my favorite musical toys for babies and toddlers.  These are all especially designed to appeal to little ones, and they will help them learn more and more about the world around them.


The Piano Activity Table

This toddler activity table combines multiple learning activities along with the miniature keyboard.  The legs on the table are removable to make it easy for a toddler to sit on the floor and keep busy playing with the many options here.  The train that circles the letters whistles and the keyboard has flashing lights.  This activity table with piano is recommended for ages twelve months and up.

 Winfun Letter Train And Piano Activity TableCheck Price


A Magical Music Cube

 Munchkin Mozart Magic CubeCheck Price

The Mozart music cube features eight of the composer’s pieces.  Not that your little one will know that, but you’ll be surprised how well he responds to it.  This clever cube allows the child to add and subtract musical instruments from playing simply by pressing buttons.  The play toy is subtly teaching the child to differentiate between sounds.

The Mozart Magic Cube has tunes played by harp, French horn, piano, flute and violin, each with their own on/off button for your child to explore.

Baby’s Music Toys that are cute and tuneful!

Babies soon learn cause-and-effect with toys like the two below – they introduce sound and melody and link them to touch.  Like the magic cube, the turtle separates the musical instruments to teach toddlers how to differentiate between each instruments sound.  It features re-orchestrated melodies by Beethoven and Vivaldi.

The flowers don’t separate and teach about the instruments, but they are a really cute, melodic toy for children to cuddle.  Unlike the music cube and the turtle, the flowers will attach to a carrier or stroller for take along fun.

 Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical ToyCheck Price Lamaze Soft Chime Garden Musical ToyCheck Price


Toy Instruments

 Plan Toy Oval XylophoneCheck Price

This cute toy xylophone is made of all natural and recycled wood and painted with non-toxic paint so it is very tactile and safe for even the youngest child.  The little mallet is strong enough for a child to bash away to her heart’s content.

Suitable for children aged 1 to 3 years old.

Each of the colored bars has it’s own note, making it easy for any child to notice the difference and pick out a tune.  OK, maybe not a melodious tune to every ear, but something that will entertain him and keep him amused for hours. Let’s face it mom and dad, children often have a difference opinion of the definition of good music.

Band Kits for Babies & Toddlers

Get him started on his rock career early on with his very own band.  Both of these little kits have enough toy instruments, each producing different sounds, to keep them entertained without getting bored. Perhaps if you are lucky, he will let you be a part of his first band and hand you an instrument to play.

 Winfun My 1st Band KitCheck Price Melissa & Doug Band in a BoxCheck Price



Musical Table for Toddlers

 Chicco Music ‘N Play TableCheck Price

A Musical Activity Table for Toddlers

This toy piano gets consistently good reviews from parents.  For some reason, toy pianos are often the first musical instrument a child is attracted to, and this particular toy has received numerous awards including Toy of the Year.

This is actually 2 toys in one, the main part being a piano with keys and lots of flashing lights and sounds.  There is even a piano book that changes the piano function when the pages are turned.  Then, once the piano is removed, it converts into a table for building blocks or fill-and-empty play.

Recommended for toddlers 12 months and up.


Musical Walkers for Toddlers

Toys for kids 6-36 months

Sound is so important to a growing child, and these walkers combine learning with pleasure.  The walkers play a tune as baby pushes them along, and then they can also sit and play with the keys, bells and whistles that each toy sports. The walker provides fun while giving support and balance to your toddler while he is learning to walk. When their legs get a little tired, they can sit right down where they are and go right on playing. When they are ready to test their legs again, the walker is there ready and waiting to move along.

 Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Singing Band WalkerCheck Price Winfun Grow With Me Musical WalkerCheck Price



Musical Plushies for Babies

 VTech Baby Happy Lights Bear Play ToyCheck Price

Babies and toddlers love soft cuddly toys and this one comes with the added bonus of  pretty tunes.  When baby presses the tummy, it will play a song and has light up buttons that flash along with the music.

This soft toy has a velcro strip so you can attach it to a stroller, carrier or crib to allow your baby easy access for playing and cuddling.

The musical plushies are also an excellent and easy choice for car seats when an active child has to stay in one place for a while.

Recommended for babies 3 to 24 months old


Musical Toys are So Much Fun

Musical Learning Toys — Musical Instruments for Babies — Musical Walkers & Tables — Musical Plushes

Squeeze, squeak, clatter, bang, ping, plonk, and learn with toys and instruments that introduce your little one to the world of sound and music.  No matter which toy instruments or musical toy you select, your toddler will definitely love it and have many hours of entertainment exploring the musical world on their own at a very early age.


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Musical Toys for Toddlers and Babies: Musical Learning Toys - Musical Instruments for Toddlers - Musical Walkers & Tables - Musical Plushes. All to squeeze, squeak, clatter, bang, ping and learn

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  1. Two of my three children grew up to be very musically inclined (playing instruments and singing) and the third one really enjoys listening to music. I’m convinced the musical toys they were exposed to as babies and small children had a direct result on how they each enjoy music today. Love this selection of musical toys.

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