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Sand wagonKids, sea and sand is simply a recipe for pure fun.  During the summer months, a day at the beach is just what we need to relax.  We all want to forget the everyday school & work grind.  As we gather our beach supplies, we will definitely need to include a little beach fun on wheels for the children.

By selecting the beach toys on wheels, we allow our little children to be a bit more independent and self sufficient. Kids can pull their own beach toys along with them instead of needing us to carry them.  I very much remember as young parents, my husband and I were both laden with supplies as we trekked to the beach.  The year my parents gave our daughter her own little beach wagon, I was thrilled that she would be able to pull her toys behind her.  I was also shocked at how proud “Miss. Independence” was with herself too.

Here is a selection of great beach toys on wheels that kids of all ages just love.

A Wagon Full of Beach Toys

 Beach Wagon Toy Set for Kids with Sand Wheel, Bucket, Shovel, Rake, Water Pail, Starfish and Turtle Shape MoldsCheck Price

This set is very similar to what our daughter owned.  She was always so very cute waltzing across the beach pulling her little wagon full of beach toys.  Once we selected our spot on the beach, she had hours of play fun with her sand toys.  Dare I tell you about the bucket of sand crabs?  She was determined to build a new home for them all.

This beach toy set comes with the normal shovel, rake and bucket.  It also includes molds and a sand wheel for a bit of extra fun in the sand.

The starfish and turtle molds can be used to create beautiful images in the sand.

This beach wagon toy set is recommended for children 4 years and up.  They do need to be tall and strong enough to actually pull the wagon behind them.


Wheelbarrow Full of Beach Toys

 Beach Wheelbarrow Wagon Toy Set for Kids with Sand Shovel & Sifting PansCheck Price

When our son was little, he actually preferred pushing his wheelbarrow full of beach toys to the beach.  I’m not sure if he liked the wheelbarrow better because it was different than his sisters wagon, or if he just liked being able to keep an eye on his beach toys as he trudged across the sand.

Perhaps it was simply because he enjoyed filling the wheelbarrow with sand and moving it to his sand building site.  Once there,  he could easily dump his fresh “supply of sand”.

This beach toy set includes a shovel, two sifters and a water pail.

Like the wagon beach toy, it also comes with a few sand molds for sculpting images of a boat, a duck and a starfish.

This set is also recommended for ages 4 and up.


Dump Truck Beach Toys

 Beach Toys Deluxe Playset for Kids – 7 pieces Large Dump Truck Sand Shovel Set (Assorted Colors)Check Price

The working dump trucks that will satisfy the most demanding little construction worker.  There are castle molds and sand molds, water pails and rakes.  Everything you need to keep the kids occupied for hours.  Of course, these toys are also suitable for playing in sand pits and sand tables and are best for children over 3 years old.

Kids of all ages will love this dump truck.  It’s a fair size for little hands, with plenty of scope for scooping and dumping. Shovel up the sand and dump it in the truck to move it around.  Then you can use the truck in major construction work while you build a castle or fort.


More Sand Toys on Wheels

Kids just love filling things up, emptying them out and creating shapes.  All of these sets are along the same theme and will provide hours of fun.

 Turtle Sand Wheel Pull Wagon Beach Toy for Kids with Shovel, Rake, Crab & Shell Shape Molds (color may vary)Check Price Kidoozie Little Tuffies TrucksCheck Price Small World Toys 5-Piece Beach SetCheck Price Tugboat Sand Wheels Beach Toy Set for Kids with Boat, Shapes, Rake, ShovelCheck Price

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  1. Susan says:

    Kids toys? How about adult toys? I would love to have some of these beach toys myself to play with! And with wheels, all the better!

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