Spiderman Lego Building Sets

Spiderman Lego Building SetsGet Ready for Lego Spider-man fun!

Everyone loves the superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics.  Spiderman leaps out as one of our all time favorites.  While it is true, not everyone likes spiders, that doesn’t seem to extend to Spiderman.  Kids and adults everywhere are definitely willing to embrace the spider bearing superhero that spins webs to catch criminals.

Lego has recognized our love for the Spiderman and they have created multiple building sets for superhero fans.  Several sets are based on the latest movie, Spider-man:  Homecoming, which is quickly becoming the all time favorite Spiderman movie.  But, the really cool thing, regardless of which movie you prefer, there is a Spiderman Lego set for almost every age.

The criminal catching Spiderman shown in the photo is a part of the “LEGO Super Heroes Beware the Vulture 76083 Building Kit” featured below.


Spiderman Lego Duplo Set

Ages 2 – 5 Years

Here are two of the Spiderman Lego Duplo sets made just for the little fingers of a preschool child. Recommended ages are 2 to 5 years, but of course, older children may enjoy them too. After all, it is hard to beat Spiderman on a motorcycle.

With these two options, you choose the mode of transportation.  Either a motorcycle or a truck, but both are fabulous!  The motorcycle workshop set has 13 pieces and the truck adventure set comes with 28 pieces.

 DUPLO Lego Spider-Man Web-Bike Workshop 10607 Spiderman ToyCheck Price DUPLO Lego Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure 10608 Spiderman ToyCheck Price


Lego Junior Spiderman Building Sets

Ages 4 – 7 years

 LEGO Juniors Spider-Man Hideout Marvel LegendsCheck Price
The junior Lego sets are created for a slightly older child who is ready to take on the challenge of building with smaller pieces. These sets are awesome! Futhermore, kids of any age are sure to love that Spiderman helicopter.

The junior sets require more time to assemble than the Duplo sets, but that is truly the best part of building Lego sets. A child builds the Lego set himself and enjoys the sense of accomplishment from creating a magnificent display. Of course, they are fun for play too!

Since the Green Goblin is armed with his pumpkin shooter, this makes a wonderful Halloween gift set. However, it is totally appropriate any time of the year.


Lego Spiderman Building Sets

Ages 7 and up

 LEGO Super Heroes ATM Heist Battle 76082 Building KitCheck PriceWhen your child is really ready for the ultimate building challenge, these are the recommended sets for ages 7 years and up.

Recreate the ATM robbery scene from the Spider-man: Homecoming movie which was based on the original Marvel comics scene.  If you didn’t like the deli being blown up along with the bank window, then you can decide how that scene should play out yourself.

You build the set, you decide the course of action!

The ATM Heist set comes with the masked robbers who are impersonating the Hulk and Captain America.  And, of course, it includes the magnificent Spiderman mini-figure.

Here are a few more Spiderman Lego building sets for older children and adults.  Spiderman fans will no doubt want all of them.

 LEGO Super Heroes Beware the Vulture 76083 Building KitCheck Price LEGO Spider-Man 2: Spider-Man’s Train RescueCheck Price LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge 76057 Spiderman ToyCheck Price


Spiderman Lego Building Sets



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