Bath Toys for Babies & Toddlers

Make Bath Time Lots of Fun and a Time for Learning Too.

Bath toys for kidsMy children were always more inclined to take baths when they had toys to play with in the tub. Rubber ducks, boats, cups, fill-and-empty toys, squirters, even counting toys all help to make bath time into playtime.

Water is fascinating, and you just can’t help splashing and playing and having a good ole time, so it’s no surprise that bath toys are among the best gifts for young kids.

You can even turn bath time into a learning experience with some of the child-development toys featured in this article.


Bath Boat

My son always preferred the boat toys in the bathtub.  There were times when it was actually difficult to get him out of the bath instead of into a bath.  Add the allure of cars with a ferry boat and boys are sure to love their baths!

 Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy, Blue/WhiteCheck Price


Kids Have Lots of Fun While They Get Clean

All of the toys in this article are safety approved, and they are all in bright vibrant colors that are attractive to kids.  Help them play and learn, develop their grip, coordination and motor skills, all the time getting them clean too — you can’t go wrong.  Just remember to wear something waterproof yourself.

 B. Fish and Splish BoatCheck Price Sassy Developmental Bath Toy, Pop and Pour PalsCheck Price Boon Odd Duck Jane, PurpleCheck Price


Rubber Ducks Make Bath Time So Much Fun!

 Munchkin ‘White Hot’ Duck Bath ToyCheck Price

I am truly fond of my own rubber ducky

I love the old fashioned, basic rubber ducky!  Don’t tell anyone, but I still have a rubber ducky on the edge of my bathtub that one of my children gave me many years ago to keep me company while they were away at school.

The age-old bath time favorite comes in classic yellow, individually and in a variety of sizes or as a family, and in many different colors too.

The rubber duck on the right serves a dual purpose.  Not only will will keep your baby company at bath time, it has a disk on the bottom that reveals the word “hot” if the water is too hot for baby.  This is an excellent safety feature for mothers, babies and rubber ducks.

Temperature Tester on Rubber Duck

The Duckymeter — A Rubber Duck and a Thermometer Too

 Duckymeter, the Baby Bath Floating Duck Toy and Bath Tub ThermometerCheck Price

This is an old classic turned into something both fun and functional, performing a very important function at that.

The rubber ducky featured above has the disk on the bottom, but this duck has the thermometer on the top.  I continues to monitor the water temperature letting you know if the water gets too cold.

This fully submersible duck will check the bath water temperature every second and display it for you (in Fahrenheit) on an easy-to-read screen, which will change colors depending on the results — blue for cold, green if its “just right” or red for hot.

The child never knows that difference therefore this duck doubles as a toy and a tool for checking the water temperature throughout bathtime.
 Green Toys My First Tugboat, Yellow Color: Yellow NewBorn, Kid, Child, Childern, Infant, BabyCheck Price

Baby’s First Tug Boat

As I said earlier, boats for the bathtub were my son’s personal favorites.  His little tug boat was his first bathtime toy boat.  I still have his very first tug boat tucked away for safe keeping.

Kids of all ages love to float (and sink) boats in the tub — or in the pool or at the beach — and this one won’t disappoint.  This boat floats great, plus the water fills the hull of the tug then pours from the spout, which adds extra playtime fun for a toddler in the tub.  I love the little handle that allows the child to hold the tugboat “pitcher” to aim and pour on other tub toys.

This cute little bath time boat is made from recycled milk jugs.  Collect all three colors.


 Sassy Developmental Bath Toy, Catch and Count NetCheck PriFun Developmental Toys

Bath toys like these are not only fun, but they teach too and help little ones develop their motor skills.  This developmental toy teaches cause and effect with its scoop and strain features, and counting with its multiple fish.  It’s varied textures also help your baby learn and makes the toy easy to hold onto in the water.  This toy also develops a child’s vision with its high contrast colors

Reviewers write that this toy keeps their kids happy in the tub for a long time, without being a squirter, which can drive some parents a bit loony.  And it drains and dries well, so the toy doesn’t grow mold.

Kids love catching the fish in the net.


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Bath Toys for Babys & Toddlers