Best Age Appropriate Toys for Toddlers

Best Age Appropriate Toys for ChildrenToys can, of course, be as much for learning and enrichment as they are for a child’s pleasure.  But a single toy that’s age appropriate for a child’s stage of development is worth more when it comes to occupying the mind and the body.  Toys that hold a child’s attention is better than 10 toys that are actually suited for younger or older kids.

Here, I’ll show you toys that are great for toddlers from one to two years of age and I’ll explain why.  I have divided the toys and child development information into two parts:  one year to 18 months and then 18 months to two years.

I hope this information will be helping in choosing a toy that’s perfect for your own little ones.


How Your Child is Developing from 12 Months to 18 Months Old

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Between 12 and 18 months of age, a child is honing new skills.  He or she is learning more about coordination and building strength in muscles and developing finer motor skills.  Your toddler is experimenting with cause-and-effect.  They are figuring out that if he or she does one thing, that action results in something else happening.  For example, if I bang a drum, it make a noise; if I drop this ball, it bounces, and so on.

Some of the toys that support a child’s development at this stage

  • Now she has found her feet, there will be no stopping her.  Little legs need strengthening, so any toy that supports walking or other leg movement is great.  There are some interesting ride-on toys available today, and kids never seem to tire of them.  Pull toys can make an appearance now, too, as can climbing gyms.
  • Their little brains are becoming more active but she won’t have a huge memory capacity so repeating tasks will never get old.  She will be able to do the same things over and over without getting bored.  Toys that stack or need organizing are great, as are empty-and-fill toys like sand pits and water toys in the bath.
  • To me, storybooks are essential at every stage in a child’s life.  You can get some great interactive books these days that are suitable for this age group.  Also at this age, your baby will also become interested in creating her own art and her own writing, albeit in scribble mode.  Pick out crayons that are non-toxic, and the triangular ones or crayon rocks are much easier for little hands to manipulate.  She won’t have the fine motor skills to hold the crayon like a pencil just yet.
  • Soft toys toddlers can cuddle continue to be important to them.
  • Balls take on an new importance as children learn to grasp and kick, etc.  If you’re using a beach ball, under-inflate it so they can grip it better.
  • Stimulate your baby’s imagination with playtime.  At this age, they love to copy adult behavior, so tiny kitchen sets, toy tools and medical sets all get the young brains working.


Best Toys for 12-18 Months

This heavy-duty vinyl climbing wall measures 60″ x 60″ x 30″, with easy to grasp, recessed foot and hand holds.  It’s also got a roomy area underneath for an inside play area.

This would truly be an excellent gift for toddlers that will provide many hours of fun, recreation and playtime.

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More Great Toys for 12 to 18-Month-Olds

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Best Ride-On Toys for Toddlers

Let them use their own steam power to get around with these great ride-on toys.  Children at this age will soon have strong leg muscles and be able to propel themselves around the home at high speed.

 Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Stride-to-Ride PuppyCheck Price Step2 Wild Side Riders GiraffeCheck Price

If you are searching for a stationary ride-on toy, you will not want to miss our collection of Plush Rocking Safari Animals and Plush Rocking Bugs.


Child Development from 18 Months to 2 Years Old

Moving right along…

Your child may start to get a bit frustrated with her limitations about now.  She wants to do things herself but sometimes can’t quite manage.  She probably wants to copy you as you tidy up around the house, so give her own child-sized “tool” toys to emulate Mommy and Daddy.  Fine motor skills continue to be refined, and she will be learning greater coordination and control over her actions.

Toys for This Age Range

  • Anything with buttons, levers and knobs will be a big hit right now, as she experiments with working out how to do things.
  • Both boys and girls like to copy Mom in the kitchen now, so toy kitchens, pots and pans, cleaning brooms and so on will be popular.  Kids love performing little tasks they see you doing like cooking a meal, having a pretend tea-party, making a telephone call.  Things you may not even be aware of, they notice you doing every day.
  • Kids this age thrive on solving little puzzles.  They will get a thrill and experience great satisfaction when they work something out.  Large piece puzzles with a few pieces that are easy to handle go over well, as do puzzles fitting shapes into other shapes.
  • They will really be getting into drawing now, so save yourself the burden of cleaning walls and tables by covering a table with paper or sticking some on the floor.
  • She will enjoying building up and knocking down large cardboard blocks that can become a home, a tree house or a fort, depending on her mood at the time.  Blocks are a great addition to the toy cupboard.
  • Pick out toys that fit together:  Trains that hook up to carriages, or any sort of toy that has interlocking pieces.  Children this age will just love working out how things fit together and how they come undone too.
  • Pick out storybooks with pictures for them to identify.  Get them involved!

A Toy Kitchen for Toddlers

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This is a pretty play kitchen with lots of fun accessories.  The little cook can invite his or her friends, siblings or parents for a meal or tea and a snack.

This toy kitchen comes with an electronic frying pan and boiling pot with lid, which will produce the sounds of cooking and boiling on the stove’s front burner.  You’ll also get a coffee pot with molded-in coffee maker, a stainless steel microwave with an electronic keypad, a refrigerator and oven.  The set also comes  with a 30-piece accessory set:  phone, 10 piece play food set, dishes, bowls, silverware, and salt & pepper shakers.

Toy kitchens are among the all time favorite gifts for boys and girls.  This is a gift that will provide years of fun for a child as they entertain their own personal guests.

View Additional Toy Kitchens:  Best Toy Kitchens

Toy Workbenches are also a fabulous option.  To see the workbench collection, simple click the following link:  Toy Workbench for Boys and Girls

More Recommended Age Appropriate Toys for Toddlers

No need to spend a fortune to find the perfect gift for the toddler on your gift list.  Either of these toys would be wonderful and they are all affordably priced to fit a limited budget.

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