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Disney Lego Duplo sets are great for young kids who love Disney characters and want to have some fun building with Lego sets.  These sets provide hours of entertainment and are a terrific toy that keeps children safe and happy.  The Lego Duplo sets were created specifically for younger children and  are recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

There are a growing number of sets of Disney Lego Duplo toys that kids can build, play with, and use to bring their favorite Disney adventures to life in their own home.  Take a look at the Lego Duplo sets featuring the characters from the Disney movies Cars and Toys Story.  You will also find the Lego Duplo with Disney Princesses that girls would certainly adore.

Read on to find the best Lego Duplo for every child.  I know you will want to give kids the best Lego Duplo sets, especially the ones that have that fabulous Disney “magic” all over it.


Fun Disney Lego Duplo with Cars Characters

Lego Duplo with Mack from Disney Cars

Disney Cars Legos

 LEGO DUPLO Cars Mack’s Road Trip 5816Check Price


“Mack’s Road Trip” is an awesome set that includes the 3 vehicles shown on the box.  Your child will have a blast with that wonderful Lightning McQueen car, his truck Mack and the sheriffs car who will be fast on their heels if need be.  This Duplo set also includes the highway and truck stop signs to help set the stage for a fun day of play in the fantasy world of the Disney Cars.

There are many Lego Duplo sets with the fantastic Disney Cars characters like Lightning McQueen, Mater and even those from Disney Cars 2 such as Bentley.  Take a look below to find some of the best Disney Cars Lego Duplo sets featuring the fun friends from those wonderful Disney movies.

Your child can safely recreate the Radiator Spring experience right in their own  playroom.

 LEGO Cars Big Bentley 5828Check Price LEGO Duplo Disney Pixar Cars 2 Tokyo Racing (5819)Check Price LEGO Cars Luigi’s Italian Place 5818Check Price


You will be amazed by how many Disney “Cars” Duplo sets are available.  I have shown only a few  to help get you started.  These sets have a wide range in price too.  The less expensive sets would be great for a small “just thinking of you” gift or a reward gift.  The more expensive sets would make awesome Christmas or birthday gifts for your Disney Cars enthusiast.


Lego Duplo with the Toy Story Gang

Disney Lego Duplo with Toy Story Characters

Disney Toy Story Train Lego Duplo

“Toy Story” is another great Disney movie and these Toy Story Lego Duplo sets are sure to be lots of fun!  Kids can even act out some of their own stories and tales with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and all of their other favorite Toy Story characters.

Why not hop aboard the Pizza Planet Truck with Buzz Lightyear & his Duplo Alien friend.  Or join Jessie’s Roundup and play sheriff for the day!  

No town, or story, would be complete without a train!  The Disney Toy Story Lego Duplo Train set includes everything needed for a fun afternoon of play.  With the 3 included Toy Story characters, Woody, Buzz, and Jesse to help, your child will have a fantastic time building the train.  Imagine the fun when the train is finished and all of the characters get to go for a ride.

 LEGO DUPLO Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck 5658Check Price LEGO DUPLO Toy Story Jessie’s Roundup 5657Check Price LEGO DUPLO Toy Story The Great Train Chase 5659Check Price


Disney Princess Lego Duplo Sets

Girls Would Love Disney Princesses with Lego Duplo Fun

Disney Cinderella Castle Lego Duplo

Little girls will wanna have fun with Lego Duplo sets too and the the Disney Princess Lego Duplo sets are perfect for your princess!

We all love the fairy tale princesses like Cinderella, and Snow White.  Little girls can build their castles or rooms, drive the carriages and play for hours with the perfectly precious princesses included in the Lego Duplo Disney Princess sets.   Each of the Princesses have detachable skirts because Lego recognizes how much little girls enjoy changing their dolls clothes.

The detail in each of these sets is absolutely amazing.  Cinderella’s castle even includes blankets for the bed!   The Carriage set comes with Cinderella’s glass slipper and the clock so she can watch the time.

The Snow White set includes a little rabbit because everyone knows that Snow White loves all animals and they love her too.

 LEGO DUPLO 6154 Disney Princess Cinderella’s CastleCheck Price LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Cinderella’s CarriageCheck Price LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Snow White’s CottageCheck Price


Don’t you just love Disney Lego Duplo sets?  It is truly wonderful that Lego Duplo is there to allow kids to allow the fun of building at a younger age, especially those children with older siblings who they see playing with Legos and want to join in the fun.

Any of these sets would be awesome gifts for a preschooler and they would give you the opportunity to “play” as well.  Kids often ask their parents to help them build their Lego sets.  I know as a parent that those opportunities don’t last nearly long enough.

I hope that you have enjoyed taking a look at all the fun and exciting Disney Lego Duplo sets that toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy.  I am quite certain kids will have a blast playing with them.

There are literally hundreds of great Disney Lego Duplo sets. I have only featured a few really neat sets. You can see the full line by simply clicking the link here: Lego Duplo Disney Sets



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