Disney Princess Coloring Books and Crayons

Disney Coloring BooksMost of us think of our daughters as our little princess, I know I do for sure.  Like our daughters, the Disney fairy-tales keep us spellbound, even into our adult years, which is what makes these Princess coloring books the perfect gift for girls.

And seriously, what little girl doesn’t dream of being a royalty herself, especially when she hears the stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the other Disney princesses we all know and love?

You can top all that creative fun and daydreaming off with Princess theme coloring books and crayons like those you’ll see here, which will keep a girl — and her friends — happily busy for hours at a time.  When she is finished coloring, you may want to cut her artwork out and frame it.  Or, at least keep the coloring book as a personal treasure.


 Moments to Treasure (Disney Princess) (Super Jumbo Coloring Book)Check Price


Favorite Disney Princess Characters

 Perfect Princesses (Disney Princess) (Disney Princesses)Check Price

6 Books in One!

I think we probably all have a personal favorite princess.  I have personally always had a soft spot for Cinderella, but Sleeping Beauty follows closely behind.  It isn’t always easy to choose just one!  Having one book that combines multiple books allows us to have all the Princesses.

Over the years we have been introduced to several new Disney Princesses and they are as charming as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

Each page in these books will give your little one even more hours of pleasure.   Since it is a jumbo book, she may wish to share her coloring fun with her friends, or perhaps even you!
Oops, maybe I really don’t have a favorite after all!


 A Night to Sparkle (Disney Princess) (Deluxe Coloring Book)Check Price Sleeping Beauty Shaped Coloring Book (Disney Princess)Check Price Journey to the Ice Palace (Disney Frozen) (Jumbo Coloring Book)Check Price Beauty and the Beast (Disney Beauty and the Beast) (Shaped Coloring Book)Check Price



The Little Mermaid Songs From the Heart Coloring Book

 The Little Mermaid: Songs from the Heart (Disney Princess) (Deluxe Coloring Book)
This book is all about young Ariel long before she met Prince Eric.  This book is based on Disney’s direct-to-DVD movie, The Little Mermaid III : Ariel’s Beginning

There have been many times over the years when I have sat down with my daughter at the kitchen table to color.  And why not, the adults can share in that fun by joining this artistic endeavor.

Of course, we could simply be entertained by just listening to the chatter as our little one and maybe a friend color away.  It is amazing what you could learn by just listening friends chat freely while coloring.


Disney Princess Coloring Book Sets that Include Crayons


 Disney Princess: Royal Ride (Color Plus Chunky Crayons)Disney Princess Royal Ride:  Color Plus Chunky Crayons features the horse companions of the Disney princesses.

For those of us who love the princesses and love horses too, this book/crayon set is perfect.  In this book, the little artist will meet the horse companions of each favorite Disney Princess.

I really like the idea of the coloring book and crayon sets!  These are perfect selections when traveling or as a little gift for someone visiting.  It is so nice to have a compact set with everything needed to create something beautiful!



More Disney Princess Coloring Books with 4 Crayons Each

Having these sets on hand when you have friends with children, or even your own grandchildren, can make a world of difference when they come to visit.  Not only does it seem that you welcome them into your home, it makes the feel like you planned or them and want them there.  Everyone wants to feel wanted and welcome.  Because the sets themselves are inexpensive, you can feel free to let them have them to take home to finish.  If they happen to be your grandchildren, you might want to ask for one of their pictures to keep and display proudly.

 Once Upon a Lily Pad (Color Plus Chunky Crayons)(Disney’s The Princess and the Frog)Check Price Sparkle and Shine (Disney Princess) (Color Plus Chunky Crayons)Check Price Forever a Princess (Disney Princess) (Color Plus Chunky Crayons)Check Price Mermaid Magic (Disney Princess) (Color Plus Chunky Crayons)Check Price


Don’t Forget the Crayons!

 Disney Princess 32 Crayon SetCheck Price
Double the fun with some themed crayons to match the coloring books, including many colors popular with Disney princesses and their young admirers.

Not all the books featured here include crayons.  For those that don’t, these Disney Princess crayons make a great companion to the coloring books.

There are 32 crayons in the set.  Each crayon has a wrapper that features a Princess.  Some kids may even prefer a particular color because it features their favorite Disney Princess.


Fun and So Much More

While it is true that coloring books can offer hours and hours of entertainment, they also help children develop artistic vision and creative styles.  They also give parents an opportunity to teach.  I will never forget the first time someone showed me how much better a colored pictured looked when it was first outlined with the crayon.  It really is an amazing difference and it is not something I would have thought to do as a child, or perhaps even as an adult.

The also help a child develop confidence in themselves and their own abilities.  When the picture is finished, they can proudly point at it and say “I did that!”   Why not select a few pages, or let them select them, and hang them on your refrigerator.  You could even have the child sign them with their own special “signature”.  Our son used to sign his “artwork” with his initials before he knew how to write his whole name.  That was the perfect opportunity for me to teach him letters.

Above all, be sure to praise your child’s work.  Coloring may seem simple, but to them it is a great accomplishment when they finish a page just the way the like it.


Disney Princess Coloring Books

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  1. These Disney Princess coloring books are so darling. I dearly wish I had a granddaughter to give them to. Don’t think any of my five grandSONS would be interested. :) I’ll keep them in mind for other relatives granddaughters, though.

  2. Susan says:

    I have 2 granddaughters who will love these Disney Princess Coloring books. And now I have the perfect gift for them. Even I could enjoy sharing the fun of coloring!

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