Fairy Tale Barbie Dolls

Bring Fairy Tales to Life with Fairy Tale Barbies

This beautiful Barbie collection is designed and created to replicate the fairy tale princesses and princes we all grew up loving.  As parents, we continue to pass down our love for fairy tales and for their princesses to our own children.  From Rapunzel with the gorgeous long hair, Cinderella with her fabulous ball gown, to Snow White who is the fairest of them all, each Barbie reflects the gracious charm and elegant beauty bestowed on them by the original fairy tale authors.

Fairy Tale Barbies


Reenact the Fairy Tales

By giving a child a Fairy Tale doll, you will spark their imagination and encourage them to reenact the fairy tale scenes.  Who knows, you may even be asked to play a part!  In addition to joining in the fun, that will allow you to spend valuable time with your child.  Spending time with them while they are young.  Therefore, when they are older, you will have already built that relationship foundation that will be needed to see you both through trying times.

 Mattel Rapunzel Barbie Doll (1997)Check Price Barbie Collectibles Doll As Snow WhiteCheck Price Barbie As Cinderella – By Mattel 1997Check Price

Embrace the Teachable Moments

Almost all of the fairy tales are good against evil.  In most cases, the good wins out in the end and they all live happily ever after.  These Fairy Tale Barbies give parents a fabulous opportunity to play and teach their children about right & wrong or good & bad.  You be be able to teach them how life is full of twists and turns.  Also, how we sometimes find friends and allies in unexpected places.  They will simply be having fun in their world of pretense while you teach them some very realistic truths.


Put Together An Awesome Barbie Gift Basket

One truly awesome gift idea would be to put together a gift basket that includes the Fairy Tale Barbie.  Select the doll of your choice, along with the matching Fairy Tale Golden Book and the Fairy Tale DVD.

 Barbie as RapunzelCheck Price Rapunzel Barbie Doll (1997)Check Price Barbie As Rapunzel Ken As Prince StefanCheck Price Rapunzel (Barbie, Little Golden Book)Check Price


Fairy Tale Barbies for Collectors

Either Fairy Tale doll is a beautiful addition to any Barbie collection.  Several Fairy Tale Barbies make an magnificent series collection to be admired and cherished.  Their lovely gowns, beautifully styled hair and gorgeous features set them apart as a truly enchanting Barbie collection.  Personally, I love displaying them as couples.  A beautiful princess and her handsome prince who truly can live happily ever after in my “castle.”

Keep in mind, that today’s toys are tomorrow’s precious treasures!


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  1. BuckHawk says:

    The world of Barbies is such a treasure. And these are gorgeous dolls to enjoy and appreciate for years.

  2. Bill Kasman says:

    Our daughter was really into Barbie dolls – she had a huge collection!

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