Nintendo Switch Game Console

The Nintendo Switch Game Console is by far the Coolest Game Console Ever Produced!

Nintendo Switch Video Game ConsoleThere are several reasons why I would highly recommend the Nintendo Switch Video Game Console.  First and foremost, experience.  We gave our son the Nintendo Switch for Christmas last year and he loves it!   He recently commented on how it is the best video game console ever created.  It is actually more than a video game player.  He watches Netflix and checks his email on it too.  Therefore, it is really more like a tablet or Ipad that includes video game controllers (joy cons).

Each Nintendo Switch console comes with 2 joy cons for 2 players.  However, I have been assured that it will accommodate 4 – 8 players to play a video game.

Since it is handheld, it can go anywhere with you.


The Nintendo Switch Game Console

I wanted to surprise our son with the Nintendo Switch last year for Christmas.  One of the downsides to a surprise is that I wasn’t sure whether he would want the red and blue joy con set or the console that includes gray joy cons.  However, I was later told that either would have been fine, but he loves the gray.

In addition to being portable, the Nintendo Switch Game Console can connect to the TV.  Pretty cool if you have a large screen TV and multiple players!

 Nintendo Switch – Neon Blue and Red Joy-ConCheck Price Nintendo Switch – Gray Joy-ConCheck Price


Must Have Nintendo Switch Video Games

To complete his Christmas gifts, I also ordered 3 Switch video games.  One I sold to his grandparents so they would be giving him a gift he definitely wanted.   It is really hard for grandparents to know what to buy, because they don’t always know the latest game releases or which ones he already owns.  As soon as I found out there is a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch video game coming out this December that is a must have, I pre-ordered it.  I’ll decide in December whether I get to give it to him or it I will give it to the grandparents to gift him.  I’ll be watching closely to see what else might be available that he will want too.

There are several pretty awesome Nintendo Switch video games and more coming soon! These are the games that my son loves, or wants this year for Christmas.

 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Nintendo SwitchCheck Price Pokkén Tournament DX – Nintendo SwitchCheck Price The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Nintendo SwitchCheck Price Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo SwitchCheck Price Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!Check Price



Nintendo Switch


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