Thomas and Friends Coloring Books and Crayons


Color with Thomas the Train and His Faithful Friends with these fabulous coloring books and crayons!

My son’s all time favorite character and toy was Thomas the Tank Engine!  He loved (and still does love) everything Thomas and Friends.

Is your little one like my son and loves Thomas the Tank Engine and his 7 friends?  Do they follow their adventures?

Then they will love these fun Thomas and Friends coloring books.  All the usual suspects are there – Thomas and Gordon, Emily and James, Henry and Edward, Percy and Toby.  Each of these coloring books will keep them occupied for hours while they pick out their favorites and read their stories.


All Aboard! Thomas & Friends Color Plus Crayons and Sticker

 All Aboard! (Thomas & Friends) (Color Plus Crayons and Sticker)Check Price

This is both a coloring book and an activity book that comes with four crayons and large stickers to color, too.

I really do think the stickers are a great addition to this set.  My son always enjoyed sticking his stickers on this lunchbox, my purse, the back of his hand or even his forehead.  Would you believe just last Christmas he stuck a sticker on the door facing of my kitchen.  It fall off a few days ago, and it is now resting on my computer table next to me.

Kids never outgrow stickers and art!

This fun set allows your little Thomas the Train fan to ride with Thomas and meet all the people and the engines of the Island of Sodor.


Thomas the Train Coloring Books with Crayons

Coloring is fun and will help them develop pencil skills for when they are ready for school. Coloring books are always great gifts that kids never tire of receiving, especially if they are their favorite animated cartoon character.

 Hide-and-Seek Engines (Thomas & Friends) (Color Plus Chunky Crayons)Check Price Thomas and the Monster (Thomas & Friends) (Color Plus Chunky Crayons)Check Price Heroes of Sodor (Thomas & Friends) (Color Plus Chunky Crayons)Check Price Thomas’ Colorful Ride (Thomas & Friends) (Deluxe Chunky Crayon Book)Check Price


Meet Thomas the Tank Engine and his 7 friends


Thomas and Friends Bath Time Coloring Set

Oh, bath time play!  The bathtub is the perfect place for a bit of coloring.  I have also included a Thomas robe and towel for to continue their fun with Thomas after their bath.

Now this is just too much fun!  I am definitely going to get the towel for my son today!

By the way, have I told you that my son is already a college graduate?  It matters not!  I hope he never gets to so overwhelmed by adulthood that he can’t enjoy a bit of lighthearted fun!

This is coloring fun that can be used again and again.  I sure wish that robe was in adult size.

 Fisher-Price My First Thomas the Train Thomas Bath CrayonsCheck Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Little Boys Fleece Robe (Blue) (4T)Check Price Thomas The Tank EngineCheck Price


 Rescue Team! (Thomas & Friends) (Big Coloring Book)Check Price

Rescue Team! Thomas & Friends Big Coloring Book

This oversize coloring book is based on the direct-to DVD movie Misty Island Rescue in which Thomas the Tank Engine is lost at sea and gets stranded on a mysterious island.

This jumbo coloring books comes with more than 50 stickers and a handle too, for easily toting around.





Thomas & Friends Coloring Books


Thomas & Friends Coloring Books & Crayons.  Some of the books even come with stickers!