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Toy Workbench for Boys & Girls

Toy Workbench for Boys and Girls Kids love to use their hands and get creative, so why not set your child up with a toy workbench.  Give them a special set of tools for building projects, even if they are pretend projects.   Let the kids  become Mom and Dad’s little ... Read More

Dragon Castles

Playmobil Dragon Castles Parents recognize Playmobil as a quality toy manufacturer with plenty of extras, details and room for imagination. Their castles for dragons and knights are right in line. Imagination Play Children ... Read More

Mozart Mouse Teaches Children to Play the Piano

Mozart Mouse Teaches Children to Play the Piano Mozart Mouse helps teach a child to play the piano.  By combining beginner music lessons with cute plush animals, you will be able to hold a preschoolers attention longer.  Plus, ... Read More

Plush Rocking Animals for Babies & Toddlers

Plush Rocking Animals for Babies and Toddlers Everyone loves a Plush Rocking Horse, but did you know there are other animal rockers available today?  Beautiful and soft rocking animals designed just for our babies and toddlers. For ... Read More

Exercise Toys for Children Can Be Fun Too

Exercise Toys for Children Can Be Fun Too Encourage Fitness with Active Toys for Girls and Boys. Get them moving with some fun exercise toys.  It’s easy to get kids to exercise without them knowing it! Get them ... Read More

Plush Dragon Toys

Plush Dragon Toys Soft and cuddly, cute and friendly, plush dragons make wonderful companions for children. Boys or girls can enjoy the huggable little characters. Mythical dragons are popular in stories and movies ... Read More

Huge Stuffed Animals

Huge Stuffed Animals  Do any of us ever grow too old for plush stuffed animals? I don’t think so, and if they come in giant sizes, so much the better. All the plush ... Read More

Home Puppet Theater

Best Home Puppet Theaters for Kids  Put on puppet shows at home with Home Puppet Theaters! Kids love to pretend, to become different characters, and puppets are a great way to foster this type of creative ... Read More


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Plush Squirrels

Plush Squirrels  Red Squirrel 8 Plush Squirrels are great as toys for children or for adults who collect stuffed animals. These squirrels come in both plush puppets and lifelike plush squirrels. You ... Read More

Kitchen Play Sets

The Best Toy Kitchens  Fisher-Price Servin’ Surprises Kitchen & TableCheck Price From little tiny kitchens to kid-sized kitchens, there are plenty of toy kitchens available to choose from to give to the little budding ... Read More

Little Princess Cloth Dolls

Little Princess Cloth Dolls Every Little Princess deserves to have a companion and the Little Princess cloth doll makes a perfect companion.  She is not too big and not too small.  She is just ... Read More

Giraffe Bath Toys

Giraffe Bath Toys With babies or toddlers in the house, bath time is more fun with toys to keep the little ones entertained. Adorable giraffes make great options to keep the kids happy, even when shampooing their hair. Bringing the Wild to Your Child Animals have always been a huge part of my ... Read More

Best Beach Toys on Wheels

Best Beach Toys on Wheels Kids, sea and sand is simply a recipe for pure fun.  During the summer months, a day at the beach is just what we need to relax.  We all want to forget the everyday school & work grind.  As we gather our beach supplies, we ... Read More

Life Size Dolls

My Friend Huggles Life Size Dolls What could be more fun than a life size cloth doll to hug , snuggle or to even nap with!  This doll will always greet you with a big smile and is perfectly content to read a book, listen to ... Read More

Educational Toys

Toys that Talk for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Toys that Talk for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

I love toys that talk to and teach our children!  We all know children will hold little conversations with themselves even before they actually learn to talk, and they respond perfectly to toys that talk to them. I have selected some of the best talking toys available.  Some of them are great learning toys, teaching […]

Counting Toys, Stacking Toys, Sorting Toys

Counting Toys, Stacking Toys, Sorting Toys

Let’s all have fun counting, stacking and sorting with these toys for kids. Counting, stacking and sorting are all stages a young child goes through.  Some are even used to gauge a child’s development — but here they’re just fun. I’ve picked out some of my favorites to share with you.  I wonder if your […]

Light-Up Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Light-Up Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Light can be fun , attention-grabbing, educational and even soothing, depending on how its used and its intensity.  And, it’s often used in children’s toys for all of these reasons. Here, I’ll show you a variety of light up toys for children from infants to toddlers and beyond.  These toys include lighted musical toys that […]

Baby Einstein Animal Toys

Baby Einstein Animal Toys

Educational baby toys are at their best with Baby Einstein, but as animals, these fun toys are colorful, challenging and just plain cute for the baby in your world. A Treat for Baby We know there are plenty of baby toys available. Some are traditional stuffed animals while others are more elaborate educational toys. What […]